Telemedicine is increasing popular for humans but now it may be possible for animals. Equine Professional Georgina Izatt looks at some of the benefits presented by Telemedicine in this space with particular regard to post treatments.

Georgina Izatt: 

Telemedicine has been around for a number of years now and it is growing in popularity and acceptance. Typically those against it are people who have not tried it. While of course it has its limitations, which no one denies, often a hands-on consultation is the most thorough. However, for many people this may not be an option due to time factors, distance to be travelled and funds.

Telemedicine has proven to be a huge success in particular in the after care of patients. After a patient has seen the doctor and received the diagnosis and treatment often check-ups are required. However this can be a hassle, presuming the treatment has gone according to plan, costing the patient time and money. It also costs the doctor time where they could be allocating it to needier patients. With telemedicine the patient can much more easily check in with the doctor,  chat about any concerns while on treatment or after they have finished and the doctor can then decide whether the patient needs to be seen for an in person consultation.

There is nothing worse than waiting hours to see a doctor (possibly taking time off work to do so) only for them to ask how everything is and any problems or new problems and be given the all clear and sent on your way with the bill. While all that could be avoided by a simple quick video type consultation. See here how it helped a stroke patient here

The use of telemedicine for check-up consultations will be extremely useful for pet owners. As we all know it is hard to take time off work and to bring your pet in for a check-up can be tricky too. So by using Petlife you will be able to consult a veterinarian at a time that suits you to have the check-up appointment. All your pet’s details will be on their profile so it’s a matter of finding a veterinarian working at the time you can have your pet checked up and take it from there.

For example, my cat needed stitches after a fight, when a week later came to remove them I was unsure whether they were ready to come out (as the wound hadn’t bled much so regeneration was slow). Now my vet is quite a distance from me so by using a video consult the vet was able to take a look and give me the all clear to remove them. That saved me a minimum of a 2 hour round trip plus a very angry cat.

It will also prove fundamental in wound management on animals. When the vet has prescribed the necessary antibiotics and bandaging schedule as the wound progresses you can have quick and simple consultations by video rather than bringing your pet to the vet or your vet to your pet (larger animals especially such as horses and farm animals). This will be essential as often the vet may need to check a wound every 3 or so days to ensure everything is healing nicely. Again this will save the owner money and time and it will also save the vet’s time as they can dedicate it to animals more in need of their assistance.

For more information, visit the Petlife website


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