October 2-4th for the third time the Blockchain for Finance Conference is coming to Dublin

Readers of this post can avail of a 10% discount simply by using the discount code JG10 when booking their places.

October 2nd: Evening meetup and technology pitches

Evening Meetup

From 5pm, join us for beer and pizza whilst hearing from the most innovative start-ups pitching the latest DLT solutions. This session is inclusive for all Premium Pass holders and will provide you with the opportunity to learn from the greatest new companies in this space.

October 3rd: Blockchain market and use cases

Blockchain Market and Business Case

  • Future Gazing: Visualise what the future holds for blockchain technology and the role it is likely to play in the future of financial services
  • Standards: Discuss the importance of a common set of standards for distributed ledger technology and how the industry is tackling this
  • Value Proposition: Assess the business case for blockchain adoption and how you can make the jump from POC to commercialisation
Financial Service Applications
Explore the latest news and solutions being tested in areas including

  • Digital Identity and KYC
  • Trade Finance
  • Insurance
  • Asset Management
  • Cross-Border Payment
  • Capital Markets
  • Blockchain Auditing
  • Private Equity

October 4th: Tokens and Technology

  • Role of ICO’s, Tokens and Crypto Assets
  • Assets, Cryptocurrency and ICO’s: Navigate the area of crypto tokens to envisage the future role that they will play within financial services
  • Cryptocurrencies: Hear how some banks are activating trading in cryptocurrencies and how they plan to extend services around this
  • The Role of Digital Assets: Discuss the latest stances from regulators across Europe on the role of virtual assets
  • Tokenisation: Understand how the tokenisation of existing assets and creation of new assets will shape the future of financial services

Technology Innovations

  • Public & Private Solutions: Hear how a semi-public and permissible blockchain infrastructure could be the ideal solution for your business
  • Quantum Computing… The Next Revolution?: Discuss the relevance of quantum computing to blockchain to help futureproof your business
  • Smart Contracts: Examine the legal challenges around smart contracts and the disruptive impact they could have on financial services
  • Scalability: Debate ways to improve scalability with an aim to vastly increase transactions per second capability
  • Data: Review the challenges around privacy, data transparency and protection and what this means for blockchain technology
What can you expect?
  • 50 speakers from industry leading finance and tech companies including ING, Microsoft, State Street, RBS, R3, KBC, Digital Asset, Credit Agricole and more…
  • A Technology Showcase Hall with over 20 exhibitors showcasing the latest blockchain applications to prepare your business for implementation
  • 350+ senior-level delegates will be there to visualise what the future holds for blockchain and the role it will play within financial services
  • 40% of attendees will be from financial institutions who are plotting their path from POC to commercialisation of DLT
  • Pre-conference ICO Party highlighting the most innovative start-ups developing the latest DLT solutions


BFC EU is the European meeting point for tech and finance professionals who are working to move their blockchain projects from hype to prototype. Download the brochure now for the full speaker line-up at: http://blockchain.fintecnet.com/brochure   


If you would like to have your company featured in the Irish Tech News Business Showcase, get in contact with us at [email protected] or on Twitter: @SimonCocking

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