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The latest app to fall victim to Twitters token limit is the classic version of Talon as the new version of the app was released at the weekend. Talon 5.0 hit the Google Play store however as the token limit has been reached it means that no new users can use the app. As a result the developer has now pulled it from the Google Play store.

Twitter imposes a limit of 100,000 access tokens per app which has resulted in the death of apps such as Falcon Pro. According to Talon developer, Luke Klinker, he has been planning for this event and that is part of the reason that Talon Plus was developed as a separate app and not an update to the classic version.

Talon Plus also has 100,000 tokens to now run through before falling victim to the Twitter API eventually. You can still access and use Talon Classic if you have an access token to it however people wishing to download it will no longer be able to find it on Google Play. Even if you do find a version, it would be no good to you without the token.

Klinker says that he will continue to develop the app and he also states that the source code is going to be posted at Github in the near future, which is something the developer promised to do when the limit was reached.

The current version of Talon on the Google Play store will cost you €4 however we also need to keep in mind that developers do this as a job and should not be expected to work for free. Charging money for the current version of the app on the Play store gives Klinker a reason to keep working on it.

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