Last February we reviewed the Tado° Smart Thermostat and found it to be an exceptional piece of energy saving Tech for your home. One of its few shortcomings though was the lack of multi-zone control. This week at IFA Berlin, Tado° have introduced a number of new options to address this.

The new “Additional Smart Thermostat” can control multiple heating zones individually within a home. Different floors or individual rooms with underfloor heating, for example, can be controlled via a thermostat in each room. The old wall controller can be easily replaced so that individual rooms are controlled via the Tado° app. Up until this point, only one Tado° Smart Thermostat could be in operation in a single installation no matter how many zones you needed to control. This update will allow you to install and control as many thermostats as you need for your home.

An Additional Smart Thermostat can be purchased for €199 or rented for €7.99 per month and will be shipped from November this year.

Tado° is also announcing the Smart Radiator Valve which will replace common radiator thermostatic valves. These valves will allow users to control the temperature in individual rooms and will be most suited to people who do not already have heating zones in their home. The new Smart Radiator Valve will be available in Q3 2016 and for those who may be interested, there is a beta tester programme already available to sign up to. Information about this programme is available on Tado°’s website.


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