Answers from Head of Organising Committee Ben Banerjee, he is also Board Member at InnMind and board member at European Family Office Alliance. 
When and where is it on?
It is on 23rd and 24th November 2018 in Basel, Switzerland.How many years has it been going?

This is the second Summit. Follow up of the first major and successful Summit which received International Media Coverage. It took place at the Hotel Grand Dolder in Zurich on 9th March. ( was the inspiration to start it?

Presence in Zug (part of the Crypto Valley Ecosystem), having a strong base of 20,000+ international members ( spread over 75+ countries, of business, technological and academic backgrounds. It was quite a logical idea to follow it up with showcasing Switzerland to the world’s business, political and academic leadership. To continuously work at increasing the awareness of the immense possibilities of the Blockchain Sector among the decision makers and policy makers of the world. 

What exciting things can people look forward to?
Network with real businesses and potential partners. To learn and cooperate with each other.

What opportunities are on offer for those attending?

It really depends on the background of the audience and what they are seeking.
For politicians and authorities, to learn what other countries are doing and what are possibilities, advantages of using this technology.

For investors, to learn about the potentials and investment opportunities.
For businesses, to seek cooperation partners and business development.

For academics and students, to show their research results and learn from their counterparts.

Who will be speaking?

Political, Business and Academical leaders and policymakers from all sectors.

What tips would you give to people attending to get the most out of it?

Come, listen, network and actively participate. Learn about how different parts of the world are working and using this technology. We are sure one will be immensely surprised by how much work is being done in countries, which most people have never ever even been to are not at all aware of.

If you have any questions or special requests then inform the organizing committee.

How can people book tickets / when does it usually sell out?
People can book tickets, directly from the website:
The tickets are selling out very fast and the earlier one buys it, more certain is the person of his place at the Summit.
Anything else you’d like to add / we should have asked?
This Summit is being called the ‘WEF of Blockchain’. None of this size and content has ever taken place anywhere. Is purely created to increase awareness of this technology for people from all walks of life and for the others to learn and share. Thus explaining such a large-scale presence of investors, businesses, academics, and students. Never has such an Event of this scale and variety has ever taken place.
Similar to WEF, one very important character of this Summit is its ‘all inclusiveness’. This Summit is open to all governments, countries, and people from all political and regional spectrum’s. All are invited to come and cooperate for common human progress. The organizing committee of this Summit is not planning to keep any country out.

This Summit is truly meant to bring people together on one platform for common progress.

The support of Swiss authorities and many other national governments also prove their interest in this Summit and thus making the Summit so unique.

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