All respondents will definitely or possibly be upgrading in the next 6 months. And all of you are looking at getting a smartphone which isn’t surprising as it’s the fastest growth area in mobile devices.

Of those surveyed almost 75% were thinking of changing networks which pans out with Comregs’ findings that porting is on the up. This also links in with the fact that 75% of you ranked “Price Plan” as the most important factor when considering network, followed by coverage. Obviously the other 25% are getting a great deal from their current provider or haven’t any choice due to signal issues. One thing for everyone to do even if yours is good is to test out other networks signal with their pre pay sims (usually free) and at the very least use it as leverage when negotiating with your network (we’ll have more of that in a future article).

“Contract length” ranked 3rd most important factor when considering a network followed by the “Device Price” in 4th place “customer service” in 5th and the least important factor when considering a network was the free “Extras”. Some interesting results there for the networks to ponder on. Comments or questions welcome below.




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