With so much competition in the market in Ireland today between the networks, it’s never been a better time to try to use some leverage to get the best deal out of your existing network when it comes to signing up to a new plan or upgrading and entering a new contract. The networks are fighting hard to maintain market share with so many new players entering the market with juicy deals. So make sure you’re not signing up for the “standard” upgrade deal and get your self one of those “below the table” offers.

If you’ve made the decision to stay with your existing network or if you haven’t much of a choice due to signal issues, you can still try to get them to make you a “special” offer. Here are some tips on how:


    • Don’t start demanding better deals on their forum or in their outlets. Don’t be heavy handed and threaten to leave if they don’t make you a better offer. Instead tell them you’re considering the idea of leaving because another network is offering more for less and while you’d like to stay with X because they’ve served you well over the years you now feel Y’s offering might be too good to pass up. Ask to speak to someone from the retention team or contact a forum moderator via private message if it’s available. Most companies have retention teams who specialise in encouraging you to stay with some special offers. It’s vital to talk to the right person who can help you here.
    •  If you’ve an idea of what you want and it’s reasonable, don’t be afraid to articulate it. Maybe it’s an early/cheap upgrade or maybe you feel a free add-on might help you with your bills. Maybe you want a discount off your plan (10% off your monthly plan cost or maybe a few months free.). Most networks have some room to manoeuvre here.
    •  Be polite. The nicer you are to the people on the phone or over the internet, the more likely they’ll be willing to help you. There’s no point complaining to them about your network prices or other issues anyway as they probably don’t have a lot of say in these matters within the company BUT they may have a lot of leeway to help you!
    •  Think about what you want from your network and what would help you agree to signing another contract. Be reasonable with these demands. They’re not going to give you a free top of the range phone and free months with the network if you’re only spending 30 euro a month with them.
And finally, once you’ve closed that deal, sit back and enjoy the moment. Let us know your top tips from getting the best deal from your network in the comments section below.

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