No plugs, No sweat, No limits. SuperWheel is the ideal solution for cycling commuters, whether you are commuting to work or college It is power assisted and powered by the users’ weight making it an enjoyable and comfortable journey compared to a standard bike. SuperWheel has no limits, both the range limit and the power assistance speed limit so you can travel however long and fast you like without the hassle of regularly recharging the battery.

The additional energy is converted from the weight of the user during rotations, there is no need for a battery which means not only are you saving yourself a lot of hard work going up those hills’, but you are also saving the environment, what more could you want?

SuperWheel is very much eco- friendly and doesn’t cause toxic waste like the end of life battery on an E-bike, whose battery also needs to be recharged regularly. Our aim is to improve the cycling efficiency that benefits both the user and the environment.

SuperWheel was founded by Simon Chan, whose life-long ambition is to develop a bike that can fully utilise human power. He kept searching and trying different developing concepts for years and has worked with several Irish universities that have turned this dream into a reality.

SuperWheel is the beginning of a new cycling chapter, a much more greener and sustainable chapter. We have now launched the crowdfunding campaign and more information is available here.

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