A first glance it may look like just a pretty blue redesign, but Steam’s “Discovery Update” is much more than that. According to Valve, with over 1,300 new titles added in the last nine months, it can be challenging to find the right games for you. The new features and functionality get you right to the heart of relevant titles, and there’s a bigger emphasis on the community spirit that we love about Steam

The most obvious change is on the Steam home page. You’re immediately drawn to the personalised recommendations based on games you already own, recently played, suggestions from your friends and highlights from the Steam Community Curators. There are other neat elements, such as filtering out products you’ve already bought and the titles you’ve indicated that you aren’t interested in. You can also filter the view to show what you’re interested in, such as early access products, DLC or top sellers.

Here’s what the recommended section section looks like, and check out that filter drop down menu:


The Steam Discovery Queue is a great way to find new titles, whether they are new, popular or relevant to your tastes. It’s updated daily with 12 titles, which you then follow, add to your wishlist, mark as not interesting or skip.

Everyone loves being rewarded with internet karma and the Steam Curators feed right into this. Anyone can be a Steam Curator by simply making some recommendations via a Steam Community Group. They can be individuals, organisations or groups, and they essentially will be the trendsetters in this new Discovery universe.

Here’s the queue and the current recommended Curators. Naturally as it’s very new, the choices may not be to your liking just yet:

Queue and Curators

Check out the new look and feel over at http://store.steampowered.com/, or launch Steam and take a look at your own personal homepage.

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