Based in Dublin, Boxever is a start-up focused on big data and predictive analytics, specifically for the travel industry. Its cloud-based platform is used by airlines and travel agencies to better understand the preferences and buying behaviour of their customers and prospects. They have received two rounds of funding, have several installed customers and have recently expanded into the US.
We spoke with Dave O’Flanagan, CEO of Boxever to find out more about the company.

Q1 Hi Dave. Can you tell me about what services Boxever offers?

Boxever provides a cloud-based customer intelligence and personalised marketing platform that combines Big Data, CRM, and predictive analytics into a tightly integrated marketing platform that enables retailers to deliver better customer experiences in real time, improve conversions, and drive revenue.

The system can be used to:

[icon type=”glyphicon-arrow-right”] Develop insights into each customer, customer segments, products, and channels

[icon type=”glyphicon-arrow-right”] Take action on those insights in the form of personalised communications, including email, mobile, web, display, call center, in cabin and more.


Q2 What makes your product unique compared to what’s already available?

There are five core ways Boxever differentiates itself from other offerings in the market:

1. Travel expertise:

Boxever was founded specifically to address the travel industry’s needs around customer intelligence, CRM, analytics, and personalised marketing. Our founding team brings a background in travel technology and deeply understands the complexities of travel product availability and pricing, as well as the nuances of travel company operations. Our entire client base is travel companies.

2. Rapid implementation:

Our cloud-based implementation and tag-based data collection model enables you to be up and running in as little as 6-8 weeks.

3. End-to-end CRM, customer intelligence & personalisation capability:

Boxever is a unified stack designed and developed explicitly to centralize & analyse travel and passenger data to create a unified view of the customer and deliver real-time personalisation in any channel.

4. Intelligence behind best of breed marketing tools:

We do not touch the customer directly – we are the intelligence that sits behind the systems that touch the customer. We integrate with ‘best of breed’ platforms such as Responsys and ExactTarget to deliver fully integrated solutions.

5. Ability to process massive quantities of travel data:

Travel is one of the largest ecommerce businesses in the world, and Boxever’s system has been built from the ground up to efficiently and effectively process the millions of transactions seen by airlines and other travel retailers.

Q3 Who are your target market?

The travel industry – airlines, online travel agencies, hospitality providers – worldwide.

Q4 When was the company launched?

In November 2011.


Q5 Where are you based?

Our headquarters is in Dublin and we have just opened an office in Boston, USA.

Q6 How many employees do you currently have?

Just over 30.

Q7 What improvements or gains have your existing customers seen as a result of using your service?

The main success metrics that customers look for are increased conversion rates, additional revenues and enhanced customer loyalty. Boxever enhances and optimizes the possibilities for true 1:1 engagement between its clients and their customers, and the results include:

[icon type=”glyphicon-plus”]10-20% improvement in conversion rates

[icon type=”glyphicon-plus”]5%+ increase in revenue per week

[icon type=”glyphicon-plus”]3-7x more revenue per visit from repeat visitors

Q8 What do you feel are the benefits for consumers resulting from companies using Boxever

Thanks to Boxever, consumers get a much more personalised relationship with their travel supplier. They receive offers, promotions, and other opportunities that are based on their specific buying preferences and behaviours, through channels that they are most likely to use (e.g., email, SMS, web, etc.).


Q9 Can you tell me some more about the people behind Boxever?

Dave O’Flanagan – CEO/co-founder.  An experienced entrepreneur and software executive, Dave has over 14 years experience in a number of startups including Cape Technologies, a mobile telco analytics company that exited in 2007 for over $25M. Prior to co-founding Boxever, he was Head of Engineering at Datalex where he was responsible for development and delivery of their travel e-commerce platform that processes billions of travel shopping and booking requests annually for some of the largest airlines in the world. While he is an accomplished leader and visionary, he is also a passionate technologist with expertise in the areas of cloud computing, Big Data and predictive analytics. He is typically engaged in all client relationships, from early stages through post-implementation.

Alan Giles – CTO/co-founder. Alan brings over 8 years of experience leading successful delivery of e-commerce platforms to the travel market to his role at Boxever. Prior to Boxever, he held senior technology roles at Datalex and OpenJaw. Alan interfaces with prospects’ and customers’ technical teams during the evaluation periods as well as during enhancement/ roadmap discussions.

Dermot O’Connor – VP Engineering and Customer Success / co-founder.  Dermot has over 8 years experience as an accomplished technology development lead with a range of experience developing and delivering large, distributed, internet-based systems. Prior to Boxever, Dermot held senior engineering roles at Datalex and Salmat.  At Boxever, he heads up the engineering and customer success teams, so he is tightly involved in all customer engagements.

Ultan O’Brien – VP Sales.  Ultan has over 20 years of international business development and sales & marketing experience in cloud-based enterprise applications, mobile payments, airline catering automation and in-flight retail solutions, including Retail in Motion and Dell. At Boxever, he is responsible for developing all new client relationships.

Allyson Pelletier – VP Marketing.  Allyson has 15 years experience marketing SaaS-based technology to companies of all sizes across the globe. She previously held marketing leadership roles at Boston-based RAMP and LogMeIn. At Boxever, she is responsible for corporate marketing, demand generation, & lead qualification.

Elizabeth Kenny – Financial Controller.  Elizabeth has a strong track record of delivering shareholder value in technology companies including Facebook and E&Y. She is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, and oversees Boxever’s finance and HR functions.


Q10 What’s next for Boxever?

In the short term, Boxever is focused on attracting & implementing additional airlines and OTAs across the globe – and will have some exciting customer announcements in the coming months. In addition, we are continuously enhancing our platform, and developing integrations with more end-points to satisfy customer & market demands

Q11 What’s the best way for people to get in contact with you and find out more about your services?

[li type=”glyphicon-plus”]On the web:[/li]
[li type=”glyphicon-plus”]Blog:[/li]
[li type=”glyphicon-plus”]Twitter: @Boxever[/li]
[li type=”glyphicon-plus”]LinkedIn:[/li]
[li type=”glyphicon-plus”]Google+:[/li]


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