Spotcoin is collaborating with Travala for another epic partnership focused on making digital currencies work for everyone. The digital exchange based in Tbilisi, Georgia, Spotcoin is celebrating by airdropping $50,000 worth of SPOT tokens to holders of Travala’s AVA token.

The first come, first served airdrop is underway and is set to end on September 19 at 18:00 (UTC+4). Spotcoin announces that Travala will be listed on their fiat exchange, expected to launch later this year.

The partnership started with a simple meeting between Spotcoin CEO Tim Gick and Travala CEO Matt Luczynski at the kickoff in July. Gick remembers the meeting well, saying it sparked a synergistic collaboration.

“I had the opportunity to meet up with Matt at the NEO Black Sea kickoff in July and we have built up a close partnership ever since our initial meeting. Travala has developed their platform and user base despite a bear marketplace,” he says.

“I’m impressed with how Matt has led his team to success and continues to do big things for both Travala and the NEO ecosystem,” Tim adds.

Travala is a global online travel booking marketplace shaking up the travel industry using blockchain. They are redefining the billion-dollar travel marketplace, opening and simplifying a complex world for everyone.

At the end of the day, Travala’s goal is to be the go-to travel marketplace worldwide. They offer lower prices for locations that can be booked on multiple continents while charging lower commission fees. Bookings are made instantly, peer-to-peer communication is available, and a fair review process is in place.

To get in on the SPOT airdrop, follow these steps, or ask one of Spotcoin’s Telegram admins on the Spotcoin Team group:

Create an account on before the airdrop registration.

Confirm you have enough partner tokens at least 24 hours prior to the airdrop registration date. You need at least 300 AVA to earn your free SPOT.

On September 17 at 18:00 (UTC+4), obtain the link for the Telegram Airdrop Bot from News Channel and complete the following mandatory tasks:

Pass human control;

Sign our disclaimer;

Join the Telegram Channel and News Channel;

Provide the email address you used for your registration;

Provide your NEO wallet address

Once complete, refer friends to have a chance to earn an additional 10 SPOT for each successful referral. An airdrop is also planned between Spotcoin and Guardium Circle next week. Spotcoin will publish a guide to participate in the airdrop on its Medium page later this week, and stay tuned on Telegram channel to learn more about getting your shot at free SPOT. In the meantime, hop on over to Travala’s website, check out their whitepaper, to learn more about this travel company.

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