Looking to disrupt the traditional business conference call market, Speek today announced the launch of their new “Speek for Business” product offering. Speek for Business brings the company’s disruptive conference calling service directly to corporate customers while expanding Speek’s core feature suite to include screen sharing for online meetings and collaboration.

“This is a very exciting product launch for Speek.“ said Matt Turner, Speek’s CTO. “Speek for Business represents a natural progression for our disruptive conference calling solution. I personally welcome the opportunity to help companies evolve beyond dial-ins and PINs for their conference calls, and massive 50 MB installs for their online meetings.  We are ecstatic about the opportunity to shepherd in the new generation of businesses collaboration technology.”

Speek’s announcement comes at the heels of a $5.8 million fundraising round in March. The round of funding enabled the company to shift its focus from “freemium” individual business users to closing multi-user corporate accounts. Speek for Business is the product which facilitates this growth upstream.

Some key new features being released as part of the Speek for Business launch are:

– Screen sharing

– Custom URL’s for conference calls. Example: company.speek.com/YourName

– Branded conference calls with custom logo, colors and links to corporate website and social media accounts

– Dashboards for conference call data

– Improved visual interface for conference calls and online meetings

Speek’s initial foray into the conference call market made dial-ins and PINs obsolete by giving users a personal link like speek.com/john to use as their conference bridge. Users share this link in their calendar invites instead of the traditional dial-in and PIN. Their callers simply click the link at the time of the meeting and join from any device, anywhere in the world, with a single click. 

Today’s announcement expands upon the personal link by offering branded links for entire companies. These branded speek links have the company’s logo, color scheme and links to the company website and social media presence. 

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