A new app called BetYou, developed by a Dublin based company BullorBear has just launched. Available free on the App Store here or Android here .

Taken from the company website-

BetYou, the social mobile betting app where you and your friends can bet on anything and everything in the blink of an eye! Launching September 2014 on Android and iOS Being constantly on the go means it’s harder and harder to meet your mates and have the banter. BetYou is designed with this in mind, so you can bet on anything, anywhere, at any time. With our built-in BetYou messenger you can send images and text to your mates and really rub in a losing bet. There’s nothing like a smug selfie to make sure they get the message… Although it’s completely up to you how and when you bet, we will guarantee to be there to keep things interesting with regular competitions, prizes, novelty bets and much, much more.

Once downloaded (I’ll be using the iPhone version) users are asked to set-up their account by entering some personal details, name, email, password, date of birth (users must be over 18).
Then users need to enter their mobile number in order to receive a verification code by text. Once this code is entered you are good to go.
To get the best from this app it is recommended to invite friends/contacts which can be done using the aptly named “Invite Friends” tab!
Next step is for users to deposit funds in their account wallet. Users can deposit any amount but each separate transaction incurs a bank charge.
A €10 deposit will cost an extra €0.64 while €100 costs €3.75. Select Deposit and you are taken to api.bullorbear.com where you are prompted to enter card details:


With funds now in your account you can create your bet and wager against friends, set the bet amount and expiry date and wait for your friend to accept the bet.


Win and the winnings are lodged to your wallet, lose and see the agreed amount transferred to your friend! Users can also take part in public bets.

I was very happy to see under the Settings tab that there are some nice safety measures available to users. Age Verification where users must send a photo of themselves with photo ID with date of birth clearly visible, Deposit Limit which allows users to set a daily, weekly or monthly limit deposit amount. If you find yourself betting too much too often still, a very good extra feature is Self Exclude which allows you to lock yourself out of the app for 6 months. If you decide to self exclude you will be emailed more info.

BullorBear Ltd is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission under a license issued under part 5 of the Gambling Act 2005. You must be 18 years or older and living in Ireland in order to place a bet. GPS features block usage outside of Ireland.

Some very handy videos are available at betyou.ie

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 22.27.48

To finish, personally I think this app has great potential that allows users to bet on anything they can think of with friends & workmates but as always one needs to be careful when it come to gambling. Moderation is the key for me and the mentioned safety features along with the Responsive Gambling link here can also help users to enjoy this app responsibly.

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