Speed is a GPS Speedometer App. Once launched, you are presented with an image of a traditional speedometer. Being GPS based it obviously needs to acquire satellites which it did very quickly on both a Samsung Galaxy S II and a Motorola Xoom used to test the App.

The App is aimed at being used in situations where you don’t readily have a way of measuring speed, maybe on a bike or train but for the sake of testing I used it in my car so I could compare what speed it was reporting. The App is obviously only going to be as accurate as the GPS on your device. With that said both the test devices I used this App on reported the same speed at all times and on average I found that the App was reporting a speed about 2Km/H less than my car which is fairness for this type of App is pretty accurate.

If you tap the speedometer you can toggle between different units of measurements and if you are running Android 3.0 or higher you have the ability to flip the speedometer graphic so your device can act as an impromptu heads up display once reflected against a glass surface.

All in all the App does exactly what it sets out to in a nice, clean UI.

It’s available to download in the Android Market now.

Check out http://www.highcaffeinecontent.com/ for more Apps from this Irish developer.





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