Lights Off is a modernised version of an old game.  People of a certain age will remember this game well and for those of you new to it, there is what seems a very simple target, turn all the lights off. If you tap a square that’s lit up it will turn all the immediately surrounding squares dark and, you guessed it, if you tap a dark ones it lights up all the surrounding squares.

The App itself is well presented with good clear graphics. All the action takes place on the screen the App launches with. There is a Stage indicator and a move counter with an option to reset the puzzle to the start of the level (this comes in handy!)

If you like puzzle games you will like this App. It is as complex as it is simple and if you are anything like me, you will find it hard to put it down out of determination to solve the level!

It’s available to download in the Android Market now.

Check out for more Apps from this Irish developer.





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