Great guest post by Venkatesh Priyadarshi, Head of Ireland Operations and Business Development, TCS.

The thing about meeting people who have just graduated or are about to finish college and embark on their career, is that it causes you to reflect on the evolution of your own career.

I always tell the graduates who I interview that I joined TCS straight out of university myself many years ago. Of course, the company has grown and evolved a lot since then – in line with a technology landscape that has been reshaped again and again through innovation and discovery.

Before becoming Head of Ireland Operations and Business Development, I had several different roles and functions within the business, and that’s something I’m keen to emphasise to those starting out – if you are open to change, there is huge room for growth and development of your potential within TCS.

We are currently hiring for our graduate programme in Ireland and will continue to do so on a phased basis over the years to come. We hired nine Irish graduates last year who are now helping us to deliver cutting edge technologies. These include a cloud-enabled Operations Support System for our one of our Irish clients and opportunities across range of sectors such as on-line learning, supply chain, enterprise solutions, digital technologies and IT portfolio optimization.

TCS pride ourselves on being a flat organisation with a unique culture that is based on hard work, honesty and giving back to the community. In order to introduce those hired through our graduate scheme to the value system at the heart of our business, and to expose them to training in advanced technologies, we invite them to come to India for two months to live and learn about our great company. There they meet the designers and developers who are pushing our business forward, get to know what they are working on and most importantly learn from them and make great connections for the future.

That initial two months is just the beginning of the training and investment we make into our people. We take a long-term view geared towards helping team members achieve personal growth and to reach the goals they set for themselves. For that reason, the support we provide is personal as well as technical – looking at topics such as building confidence and rapport with clients.

I am interested to learn – how do you help new recruits embrace the culture of your organisation? Or, if you are a student, what do you look for in a potential employer to help build your career?

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