By @SimonCocking, interview with Salvatore Moccia Professor of strategic Management. Author, Keynote speaker. Always living my life with good humor

What’s your background briefly?

I am Associate Professor of Strategic Management at the University UNIR – La Rioja, Spain. I am also Visiting Professor at Ramkhamhagen University, Bangkok, at Swiss UMEF, Geneva, and at Globe Business School, Munich. I advise several companies in topics like strategy, human resource management, leadership, and innovation.

Does it seem like a logical progression to what you do now?

Yes, sure. As Professor of Strategic Management I was observing all the changes that are happening in the financial sector due to the introduction of new technologies. The observation of the environment led me to create an online newspaper dedicated to FinTech news that presents not only the technological advancements in this field, but also it gives the readers the opportunity to make also some strategic reflection.

What do you do now? 1 min pitch

Creating a net of experts who can create good articles for the news paper. At the same time, I working to create some conditions to develop a geographical ecosystem where Fintech companies can prosper.

How was 2016? What worked, what would you do differently

2016 was a great year, because it gave me the opportunity to launch this new project. from a technological and strategic point of view, it was also a great year, because it was the year that finally consumers started seeing the products that Fintech companies are developing. For example, in Spain we had the launch of Bizum, and online platform to make payments. It was developed by a consortium of Spanish banks.

Tell us about the Fintech conference? What do you cover? Who have been some of your favourite speakers / topics?

The Fintech Conference is a sort of “excuse” to make a strategic reflection on the future of Fintech and Insurtech companies. During the conference, we would like to cross technological development and strategy.

For us, five issues are paramount: Foresight, Innovation, Values, Adaptability, Synergies, and Ignition.

Here is our logic for choosing these topics:

– Foresight Matters: if you don’t know where you are going, you might end up somewhere else. Many companies can manage short-term bursts of high performance, but only a few can sustain it over a longer period.
– Innovation Matters: even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there. In a densely connected global economy, successful products and strategies are quickly copied.
– Values Matter: doing right because it is right, not because it pays, needs to be the foundation of business. A sound development of business ethics should not forget an obvious and important consideration: business is about human activity that is carried out by individuals within organizations.
– Adaptability Matters: crazy times call for crazy organizations. In a world of mind-flipping change, what matters is not merely a company’s competitive advantage at a point in time, but its evolutionary advantage over time. An adaptable company requires adaptable minds.
– Synergies Matter: Synergy is the benefit that results when two or more agents work together to achieve something either one couldn’t have achieved on its own. It’s the concept of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. In today’s world, synergies equal to more efficiency, more efficacy, and higher profitability.
– Ignition Matters: for the Romans, the meaning of ignition was “setting a fire”. Today, it means the process of initiating combustion. The ecosystem we dream is a like a circle: every single element is connected to the other; every single element exists because of the others; every single element is stronger with the others; every single element is interconnected with the others. We want to create sparks that together light up the world.

Regarding speakers, etc, we are still working to develop the final list.

What are you excited about in tech for 2017?

To have The Fintech Conference/Valencia, in September. We are also excited about the possibility to launch it in other parts of the world.

What tips would you give to those looking to innovate in the banking / fintech space?

Always analyze the strategic forces and keep them under scrutiny. As soon as you see some changes, be flexible enough to change the strategic direction.

What would you love to see become widely available in 2017 to make your life easier?

Blockchain technologies applied to other sectors than the financial one.

Anything else we should have asked / you’d like to add?

Yes. Are you open to collaborations and possibility to create synergies?

Yes, we are. We believe we live in a global world where synergies matter.

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