Steemhunt, a South Korean (with Irish based founder) blockchain-powered community platform for tech early-adopters is currently running token sales via crypto exchanges. This marks the first time a Sligo based company has participated in an IEO (Initial Exchange Offerings) token sale.

In Steemhunt, Hunters get crypto rewards for sharing the coolest/newest products. Over 16,000 hunters have dug out more than 53,000 new tech products, which have generated over $172,000 hunter rewards.

With over 100,000 monthly active users Steemhunt is ranked in the top 17 among all 2,600 DApps (Decentralised Application) according to the State of the DApps.

Steemhunt, which has a founder operating from The Building Block in Sligo, is in the process of creating HUNT Platform which will enable product makers to utilise tech early-adopters in the token economy for their product marketing.

Steemhunt co-founder YoungHwi Cho said:

“Sligo has become a tech hub in the north-west by hosting multiple global IT giants such as Overstock and LiveTiles. This business set-up by Steemhunt may open up an opportunity to host more blockchain-based companies and ecosystem that includes financial, legal, and accounting support.”

Based on its strong user base, the company is expanding the token economy for tech early-adopters to attract the makers industry by launching Reviewhunt and Ideahunt.

Reviewhunt enables tech makers to run review campaigns to unleash product launching hype by hunters who can spread review content in various tech communities in return for token bounties or discount offers.

Via Ideahunt, makers can run Non-Fungible Token (NFT) backed crowdfunding projects that are tradable among backers. Each NFT token will have a different set date for the product delivery and/or different editions. NFT tokens can also be traded, for example, a backer who purchased a lower numbered NFT will have an earlier delivery date than a higher numbered NFT, or in some cases a special edition.

Steemhunt co-founder YoungHwi Cho said:

“Steemhunt is raising funds through IEOs, the newer way to run token funding that is administered by a cryptocurrency exchange on behalf of the company. We are hoping to raise $1 million in order to further develop our DApps.”

Steemhunt is aiming to raise a total of $1 million via IEOs (Initial Exchange Offerings). The first round sale via IDCM finished with a 146.63% achievement rate, and the first batch of the second round sale via Probit Exchange was sold out within 11 seconds. The third round sale will be hosted by Daybit Exchange from April 1, 2019.

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