By @SimonCocking

Stream tunes wirelessly for up to 12 hours, and feel more of the beat of powerful bass. The SRS-X11 portable mini Bluetooth® speaker delivers big sound in the form of a tiny cube—keep one by your PC, put one on the counter by your smartphone, or place a couple in your room to fill powerful stereo sound and get the party going full swing. Available to buy here.

It’s small, light, portable, durable, and looks fun in the red version that we were sent to review. Interestingly too, we also saw the same version being used in the kids Christmas school play, and it seemed to work pretty well. It will need Bluetooth for it to work, so the challenge may be the level of connectivity. The sound quality was pretty good, and for use indoors at home it should work well enough for your needs. Overall it’s size (it is really small, you could fit it into your pocket) and portability work well in it’s favour.

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