Sky+ brings  remote record and TV guide features to your device. First up before you start using it you need to have set it up through your set top box at home. This is done through the Interactive Sky menu. Follow the on screen instructions and register your mobile phone number with Sky. You will also need to have registered your account either through the normal Sky website or on the Sky Go website. Once all this is done you login to the App using whatever details you used to register online. This can be a problematic experience. Often the registration fails through the Interactive menu on your set top box but Sky have improved the reliability of this greatly in recent times. If you are still having difficulties either ring them or email them and their technical team will sort it out for you. If you are like me and often forget to set things to record the hassle is well worth it.

So to the App itself. The App has been updated recently and now offers a much better user experience than in the past. Previously the App was very much text based with little in the way of eye candy and it just served it’s purpose of setting a remote record.

With the new App now you now click into channels to see their content where as before you just seemed to have an infinite list of channels to scroll through vertically and the time line was scrolled left to right. This made for a somewhat disorganised  setup when using it on a relatively small phone screen.

There are several ways to navigate the App’s content. Channels are split into familiar categories such as Entertainment, Movies or Lifestyle and you can find the channel you are after that way. There is a search facility and there still is the option to see that endless list of vertically scrolling channels I mentioned before.

Once you have found the channel and show you are looking for Sky has added some nice new feature here. Each Show get’s it’s own synopsis, a list of times it is alternatively showing at if applicable, the option to series link if available, a list of other shows you may also like and of course the ability to set it to record. One important thing worth pointing out here though is that you are only able to set programs to record that have not already started. If they have started you will be out of luck and the option to record will be greyed out. I’m not sure why this is but it has been like this since the App was made available and can be very frustrating if you only miss the deadline by a couple of seconds.

Other than that the App works pretty flawlessly and if you have a Sky TV subscription it is a must have App. It’s available for both Tablets and Smartphones with the Tablet version making better use of the extra screen space as you can see below in the Gallery.







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