O2 Uk have announced that they are to start renting iPhone 4S’ to their customers under a new scheme called “O2 Lease”

Customers looking to avail of this offer will have to sign up for year long contract, costing £55 per month. For this they will get a new iPhone 4S, 16Gb model, 750 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MBs of Data. Phone insurance is also included. A 32Gb model can be their’s for an extra £10 per month.


Sally Cowdry, marketing and consumer director at O2 said, “This is the first time a UK mobile operator has adopted a leasing model. We know that customers and small businesses are used to leasing everyday items from cars and washing machines to photocopiers and office space. They understand how it works and what the advantages of a leasing are. We have simply taken this idea and applied it to the smartphone market.”
From The Inquirer


Once the year is up the phone is returned to O2. You can then choose a new phone and start another contract if you so wish. £55 per month is nearing the top end of what people pay per month in the UK so if something like this scheme was launched here it maybe in the seventy to eighty euro range. Would you consider it if it was on offer here? Let us know below.

It will be interesting to see how this goes for O2. Some people will no doubt be tempted by it because of the fact there is no initial outlay for the device, you are only tied to a 12 month contract and you can have the latest and greatest phone every year. We have seen people flock to the “Free” phones on 24 month (read extortionate) contracts but how much extra would they be willing to pay per month to only have a 12 month contract?




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