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Sky Broadband has released research uncovering Irish people’s online habits to celebrate the launch of its fastest ever broadband, Sky Fibre Ultra, with lightning speeds up to one Gigabit.

  • Browsing social media is our favourite thing to do online (31%), followed by checking the news (19%) and watching box sets (10%).
  • Two hours per day is the national average for time spent online browsing social media
  • 52% of 18-34-year olds prefer to download and watch movies on a smart device

According to new nationwide research conducted by Sky Broadband, browsing social media is the nation’s favourite thing to do online, followed by checking the news and watching box sets on the go. The research has revealed that the national average of time spent online for social media is two hours per day with the data-burning app of choice being Facebook (37%), followed by WhatsApp (17%) and YouTube (10%). This new research has been released to celebrate the launch of Sky Fibre Ultra, which brings lightning broadband speeds up to 1Gb into customers’ homes and is now available from just €40 per month.

With Sky Fibre Ultra, Sky customers across the country can now do more of what they love online. Lightning broadband speeds up to 1Gb mean they will now be able to share, play and stream on all their devices, all at once and without interruption. Whether it’s streaming music or downloading their favourite Sky shows, it’s now possible to get the fastest broadband speeds available in the country.

Online Shopping

According to the Sky Broadband research, most people in Ireland describe themselves as online shoppers (79%). When it comes to what the nation buys online, clothes and fashion accessories came out on top as the most shopped for item, followed by aeroplane tickets and concert tickets. Surprisingly, most Irish people do not need an occasion to prompt them to shop online and only 13% said they are tempted to spend online on every pay day.

Spending Habits

In terms of spending habits, the nation is quite a sensible bunch, with two in five choosing groceries and necessities for the house as the first thing they spend money on after they get paid. This task is closely followed by paying the rent and mortgage (23%).

12% of the Irish public believe in the mantra of treating yourself to something nice on pay day and interestingly men are more likely to buy something for themselves as soon as they get paid compared to women.

Viewing Habits

Over half of people living in Ireland (54%) are avid TV boxset fans, with the majority of those sitting down to watch favourite series such as True Detective, Billions and Game of Thrones on their iPad or smart device. When it comes to TV binge-watching habits, 11% of the nation are fanatics and admit to regularly watching a whole TV series in less than a day.

 Downloading content to watch on the go or via smart devices has never been easier through the Sky Q and Sky Go apps. And this ease-of-use seems to be reflected in the stats as watching movies online was also revealed as a growing trend among the Irish public. Over half (52%) of 18-34-year olds say they now download and watch all movies on their smart devices. Overall, the national average of time spent watching movies online is 2.6 hours, which equates to just over one movie per week.

Specific Counties

The stats also revealed that certain counties in Ireland have a number of growing trends and favourite things to do online that are unique to their own specific area. The research revealed that 100% of people living in Leitrim and Longford describe themselves as online shoppers. The national average for online spend per month is €102, but in counties like Longford 68% of those surveyed spend up to €350 online per month and the same can be said for 35% of people living in Monaghan. According to the Sky regional research results people living in Carlow, Laois and Longford are the biggest pay day splurgers with over half admitting to spending online as soon as they get paid.

According to the Sky research those living in Roscommon and Carlow believe in the mantra of treating yourself, with the majority admitting to buying something for themselves before their rent or mortgage on pay day.

Social media was revealed as Irish people’s favourite thing to do online but 13% of people living in Kildare spend their time checking in on an ex-partner or a crush. Two hours per day is the national average for time spent online browsing social media but for people living in Meath, Westmeath and Wexford the majority spend over seven hours a day on social media.

Donegal beat the national average (35%) for online watching with 37% loving to download a movie or series. Proving their movie buff status further, 28% of those surveyed in Donegal spend up to seven hours a week watching movies online. People living in Meath and Longford are the biggest movie watchers with almost 70% saying they now watch most of their movies online. The people of Mayo however are self-confessed movie buffs with the majority (46%) watching over seven hours of movies a week online.

Commenting on the research results Ann-Marie MacKay, Director of Products and Marketing, Sky Ireland, said:

“Sky is delighted to announce the arrival of Sky Fibre Ultra, offering the fastest broadband speeds available in the country, to the widest possible footprint. We live in a world where people want and expect lighting fast broadband, which is what our research results have confirmed. According to the research, more and more people of all ages are moving their entertainment and buying habits online.  And with Sky Fibre Ultra’s lightning fast speeds, the product is perfect for people who want instant, multi-device access for everything from boxset binging to online shopping.”

 For more information on availability in your area, or to connect your home today, visit www.sky.ie/FibreUltra

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