Singlepoint, one of Ireland’s leading independent technology consulting service providers, has invested €500,000 in the development of its own digital acceleration platform, DAP×, a cost-effective framework that supports agile processes for delivering solutions and services at speed, reliably, on both cloud and premise infrastructures.  The development of DAP× has resulted in the creation of 10 new jobs.

Launching DAP×, the company explained DAP× has been designed to accelerate company digital delivery and automate its infrastructure by moving away from proprietary stacks. Singlepoint DAP× is built on best in class, open source technology, and is deployable across multi and hybrid cloud environments. It improves application quality and reduces risk, lowers IT costs and speeds application deployment.

“We have been providing digital services for ten years”, explains Brian Seery, Technical Consulting Director at Singlepoint. “More and more companies are experiencing diverted time that delays business outcomes. We wanted to recapture much of that time. With DAP× business outcomes can be accelerated successfully without compromising quality and compliance.  That is why we developed DAP× – it enables companies to accelerate the pace of innovation.”

Since DAP× is pre-built, it is an easily adaptable reference architecture which allows clients to cut up to 50% off architecture deployment costs as it can save 300 – 1500 man days on mobilisation, design and development. It also allows clients to speed application deployment in a variety of ways – there is faster speed-to-market for customer-facing applications, deployment to more people for internal applications with increased application functionality in a shorter time.

“DAP× is an adaptable approach for successfully delivering technology solutions faster, with fewer people and less risk, while enabling higher quality results,” concludes Brian. “DAP× helps teams directly address the most common causes of technology project failure – improving success rates, solution quality, and business impact.”

DAP× was designed by Singlepoint to deliver a faster and more agile approach to digital transformation for customers by removing the shackles of big vendor lock-in.

The company invests in technology to provide customers with the best way of doing better, more profitable business by enabling web deployment and management processes.


Singlepoint Digital Accelerated Platform (DAPX)


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