By @SimonCocking , interesting interview with Kamilya Arslanova, CEO of Arbidex 

What is your background briefly? Does it seem like a logical background to what you do now?

I have always been passionate about new technologies. Before launching Arbidex I used to work as Head of Liquidity Management Department for INVENT – one of the largest Russian energy holdings that include eight energy plants. We were managing millions of transactions every day and at some point, you start looking for more efficient ways to do that. Blockchain is no doubt undeniable technology, especially for those who are looking for a decentralized solution.

We have organized the biggest hackathon with the participation of Vitalik Buterin, and also a meeting at one of our major assets – a cable factory, where we discussed how new technologies are changing the real economy.

Meeting with Vitalik sparked my professional and creative development and I realized that we often live caught in the grip of stereotypes like “too young to be genius”, “too pretty to be a leader.” So I decided to launch our cryptocurrency fund and we began to actively attract investors not afraid to move on and develop further.

Why did you get involved with this company?

One of the most attractive and promising areas of investments is cryptocurrency arbitrage. This business has been around since the beginning of last year as a private investment fund (Solidity fund).  We reinvested the company profit in the development of a mathematical algorithm. Since October 2017 we’ve been creating a stable system, where the automatic algorithm eliminates all the risks.

1 min pitch for what you are doing now?

Arbitrage is as old as commodity trading in Mesopotamia. As the new digital currency quickly took market-share of the foreign exchange market, its recent volatility created truly unique opportunities. However, infrastructure of the crypto-market was not developed enough to allow participants take full advantage of it. This is where Arbidex solution comes in. We provide the opportunity for investors to trade via single account at different exchanges and completely automate arbitrage process to maximize their profit.

Why do you think it is such a powerful idea?

A powerful idea? (laughing) To be honest, we never set a goal to change the world and bring an amazing (but impossible) idea. Our goal is to direct our capabilities to resolve problems of inefficient cryptocurrency markets (please, read more about it in the article)

To solve this problem we need to create a user-friendly platform-integrator of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges for the operation of our algorithm. When we started to describe this idea among the community, we arrived at the conclusion that the platform should not be internal (boutique kind), it must be public. Thus was born the idea of creating ARBIDEX – platform-integrator, which can be traded in the single window mode, as well as using various automated algorithms.(for ex. Our automatic arbitrage, or your own program).

How can people find out more about the company?

See our website

The White Paper
A Beginners Guide to Arbidex
Youtube Channel

And you can read more about me on LinkedIn and Facebook

Who do you follow or read for ideas and inspiration?

I’m truly inspired by the ideas described in the book The Fourth Industrial Revolution, by Klaus Schwab. I’m sure we live in the era of great change, creating a society without borders, without stereotypes. That’s why we are building a fast and high-tech businesses for the benefit of our clients ‘ needs.

And of course I am super grateful to my star team of advisers who share their experience and broaden my horizons. They are true veterans and stars of blockchain and fintech technologies. I really appreciate meeting with them.

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