Sideloading apps

Sideloading apps allows you to add android apps not currently available on BlackBerry Appworld to your PlayBook. It’s is easier to do then you think. You need some software for your PC, have the PlayBook OS2 in developer mode and had a USB micro cable to connect it to your computer.


Download your BAR files from where ever you can get them. Here’s two locations:
Google Docs BAR files

or here:

Ereader BAR files

Download the DDPB installer to transfer the app and install it on your PC:

DDPB Installer

In Settings, Security, choose developer mode. Turn developer mode on and set a password (remember it).

Plug your PlayBook into your PC and open DDPB installer and where it says “PlayBook IP Address” on the right hand side put the IP address from the settings in Developermode on your PlayBook and the password you just created. Once it’s connected you can click add and choose the BAR files you want to add to your PlayBook. Then select them via the tick boxes and click install. Wait until all apps have a tick mark beside them to ensure they’ve installed and then click cancel and thats it. The apps should now be on your PlayBook. We would urge that you only side load apps that are free and not already available on BlackBerry appworld. Sideloading pay to use apps is un fair to developers trying to earn a living. If you really want an app which is pay to use and not yet on PlayBook then send the developer a request. Let us know how you get on and what apps you’ve side loaded. Enjoy.





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