OS Monitor is a great little free App for keeping an eye on what services or Apps are running on your Android device.

Have you ever noticed that all of a sudden your battery starts depleting much quicker than usual? It is a common issue and is often seen on support forums all over the net. Nine times out of ten this is caused by some app or service misbehaving or keeping the CPU awake even when the screen is turned off, but it is not always that simple to pin down, especially for the more novice user.

This is where OS Monitor comes to the fore. Launch the App and you are presented with a list of every service or App currently loaded and running with a percentage read out of CPU load for each. The layout will be familiar to Windows users as it is similar to the MS Task Manager (but we can forgive it for that!)

The best time to use this App if you are trying to troubleshoot an issue is right after a reboot. You can watch all the services load and then settle down. If there is some service causing you battery drain it will become obvious pretty quickly as it will jump to the top of the list and stay using a certain percentage of the CPU.

Once you have identified what is causing your issue there are a number of paths forward depending on your level of experience, through watching logs or just killing the process. If it is an App causing the drain you can just try deleting and reinstalling the offender.

The App also offers up other info such as Network Connections, battery health, CPU scaling and system storage.

All in all this is a very handy App to have if you are experiencing issues with your phone. It will often point you to the culprits in seconds and it’s free!





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