700 Global B2B tech Founders and Investors are gathering for SaaStock, a conference for SaaS Companies (Software-as-a-Service) in Dublin on September 22nd.  The Conference has a Rockstar line-up of Global SaaS experts in town for the event, including:

  • Des Traynor, founder of Intercom, who raised €116m in venture capital
  • Peter Reinhardt of Segment who raised $46 million
  • Stacey Bishop of Scale Venture Partners and
  • Lincoln Murphy of Sixteen Ventures.

The organisers of SaaStock are today launching SaaS.City, a selection of carefully curated “Growth Gigs” for the SaaS founders in town, the day before the conference.

Nine events have been announced across Dublin city; a half day workshop with US Customer Success Guru Lincoln Murphy;  office hours access to Venture Capital Firms Tribal VC and Frontline Ventures;  and also multinational companies with their European Headquarters here in Dublin, Hubspot and Qualtrics are opening their doors to host workshops on site.

Dermot Costello, Managing Director at Qualtrics Ireland has said: “We are delighted to partner with SaaStock for SaaS.City Dublin which is a fantastic initiative leveraging Dublin’s great SaaS ecosystem. It’s a great opportunity for Qualtrics to engage with and encourage scaling companies to help them grow.” These events are aimed at the Founders of the internationally-scaling companies expected to attend the SaaStock conference, ensuring further value for their visit to Dublin”.

The Dublin Commissioner for Startups Niamh Bushnell is excited about Saastock coming to Dublin: “Ireland’s tech roots are in enterprise software and it remains an area of strong innovation for us as we develop globally competitive SaaS based businesses. SaaStock chose Dublin as the venue for Europe’s first SaaS conference and we’re delighted to welcome players from across Europe and beyond to Dublin in September, be they global SaaS companies, startups or investors in the space. SaaS.City celebrates Dublin as the world’s second home of SaaS (after Silicon Valley) and will provide a ton of value to those taking part”.

Alex Theuma, Founder of SaaStock, says: “I’ve always liked the idea of creating a SXSW for SaaS. Dublin was the obvious choice for this and SaaS.City is our attempt”.

More SaaS.City events will be announced in the coming weeks.

SaaStock Conference takes place at Dublin’s RDS on Thursday September 22nd 2016. SaaS.City Events are being held throughout the city on Wednesday September 21st 2016.

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