When the HTC One (or M7) launched it captured the imagination with some interesting new features. While the phone itself has been a success, it hasn’t turned around the fortunes of the company. In the Tech world, the HTC One is now starting to get “old” (7 months after it landed on these shores!).

Most Android device manufacturers have gone to a yearly refresh cycle, announcing their new device in the first quarter of the year and launching it towards the end of that quarter or the start of the next. For the smaller companies, this has been mainly driven by the desire to launch a device before the next Galaxy S or iPhone hits the market.

Right on cue, we are starting to see the first rumoured pictures surface of a HTC One replacement. Taiwanese site ePrice posted the pictures below today. They show a similar design to the HTC One with some subtle changes. The hard edges of the One have been replaced by curved ones. There is also an odd looking hole in the rear case above the camera, presumably for a fingerprint scanner.

The pictures aren’t great quality but give an idea where HTC might be heading with the M8. Minor changes rather than redesign. We would told you in the past to treat these pictures with a grain of salt, but of late, the rumoured pictures of other devices we’ve seen have been pretty much spot on. I’m sure we’ll see many more pictures in the coming weeks and get a better idea of how accurate these images really are.


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