Written by Sebastian Jaeger 

One of the biggest stumbling blocks YouTube and Facebook content creators face is finding music that is royalty-free and cleared for their platform. Over the past few years, YouTube has come down hard on licensing violations against content creators who have been using unlicensed music by deleting their videos from their channel or even sending official warnings.

If you do a quick Google search for ‘Royalty free music’ or ‘YouTube cleared music’, you’ll find a lot of music available but the cost of a good quality track can be anything from around $29/track to $149/track. Considering that a lot of YouTube and Facebook content creation is a hobby or done on a very small budget, most creators either leave out the music or resort to using limited and mediocre quality generic tracks provided by YouTube (and a few others).

Having engaged and spoken with hundreds of filmmakers and video content creators over the past two years, Filmstro decided to build a cinematic-quality music library that was truly ‘royalty-free and YouTube cleared’ and 100% free for anyone to use – The Filmstro Free Music offering.

You can now download over 1000 soundtracks and use them in your YouTube videos and short films for free. What’s the catch? There isn’t one. Why would anyone give away that amount of music for free, you’re wondering? The founders of Filmstro had the following to say: “We had originally started Filmstro because we wanted to build empowering tools for filmmakers and that ethos hasn’t changed. We’re inspired by companies like HitFilm to create some real value for our community and we think that it’s about time that ‘Freemium’ offerings came to the music industry, and we’re excited about being the company to do that!”

What does the free music license include? All of our free music has a worldwide and in perpetuity license, synchronised to whatever video you’ve created with it. The only limitation is that commercial use of the music is not covered with these free tracks. However, you can use the free music on monetised YouTube videos, your personal website, showreel, film festival submissions and screenings (non-distribution), social media, free podcasts, free tutorials, free games, free apps, and crowdfunding videos. So, the only thing you can’t do with the music is use it for paid advertising or commercial work for a company or client.

The last thing to mention is that the free music is available as an MP3 download directly from Filmstro’s music page. This is a stereo track that is like any other static music library track out there.

To take full control of each track, download one of the apps where you’ll be able to keyframe the music to your video directly and control the Momentum, Depth and Power individually.



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