By @SimonCocking, review of  Lean Six Sigma for Leaders, A Practical Guide for Leaders to Transform the Way They Run Their Organisation by Martin Brenig-Jones & Jo Dowdall. Published April 2018 by Wiley, £18.99/ US$27.50/ EUR 22.60. ISBN: 9781119374749

While many companies have implemented either Lean or Six Sigma, there is a growing interest in a combined approach. Implementing the most effective aspects of each results in a more potent, adaptable system that benefits a wider range of organisations. Showing readers what a high-performing Lean Six Sigma culture looks like day-to-day, this new book contains best practices for structuring and practising Lean Six Sigma and explains how to adopt this game-changing approach with minimal disruption.

Down-to-earth and jargon-free, industry influencers Martin Brenig-Jones and Jo Dowdall open up the world of Lean Six Sigma in a way senior management can immediately use to create the optimal environment for improving operations every day.

Specifically designed for the busy executive and written from a leaders’ perspective, Lean Six Sigma For Leaders contains real-world case studies of a diverse variety of organisations including Barclays, Ricoh UK, and the UK Government’s Central Government Department and Homes and Communities Agency, illustrating implementation to show readers what went right, what went wrong, what they learned and what they would have done differently.

Outstanding quality control and continuous improvement shouldn’t be complicated and burdensome. With Lean Six Sigma For Leaders, readers can quickly understand and practice the next-level solution to operations management.

Going to the back first there are some useful case studies, to help understand from people who have used these methodologies and the benefits it has brought to their businesses. The book is well laid out, and accessible. Having been through the agile jungle of buzzwords and jargon, this book is a commendable effort to keep the jargon back, and look at real world, practical applications of how this approach can be used to deliver actual benefits. As with many of the recent books on innovation we have reviewed it is clear that this is an important and key concern for many businesses in 2018. While talk of green and purple belts on the road to the nirvana of 6 Sigma blackbelts does make an ex judoka reviewer wary, you can appreciate that it is an attempt to give participants a structure and goals to aim for. For those involved in these programs this book is a useful addition to their reading matter.

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