Herdwatch won the Prince Philip Award at the Livestock Event in Birmingham and part of the prize was a presentation of the award at Buckingham Palace by Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh and Husband of Queen Elizabeth II.

It is not every day that a home-grown Irish Farming App gets presented a Royal Award at Buckingham Palace by His Royal Highness, Prince Philip, with Lunch at the House of Lords, followed by a visit to the Irish Embassy. Herdwatch has been granted this great honour after winning The Prince Philip Award at the recent Livestock Event in Birmingham, sponsored by The Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers (RABDF).

Herdwatch, who is just over two years old has taken the Agricultural Industry by storm. With almost 4,000 farmers in Ireland using the App, an impressive 5 Irish and 2 UK awards and a continuously growing team, this farm App has found strong wings and is now going to help UK farmers with their compliance paperwork, which causes them similar headaches as Irish Farmers.

Farmers are using the Herdwatch App on their phones to manage their Herd’s births, remedies, weights, breeding and movements on the spot, becoming more efficient and saving time by eliminating the paperwork.

Fabien Peyaud, Co-founder of Herdwatch, said; “Our trip to the Palace was such an honour and in the moment I realised just how far we have come. Shaking hands with Prince Philip and seeing the interest he genuinely had in Herdwatch when we presented what the app does on a screen in the famous Balcony Room was the highlight of our journey so far. We aim to keep this momentum going and move onwards and upwards.”

Guy Trehane RABDF Council member and Chairman of judges at the Livestock Event, commented; “The Herdwatch Farming App is a simple piece of tech that meets the needs of these cash strapped times. The hand held data device uses the everyday technology of a smartphone and cloud to store and download data that can be tapped into by any member of a farm team, even those of us with fat fingers and rubber gloves.”

At the Enterprise Ireland hosted briefing at the Irish Embassy, Ambassador of Ireland to Great Britain, Ambassador Dan Mulhall said;

“It is great to see modern technology being embraced by a traditional industry and an Irish company at the forefront and being recognised internationally for innovating in the field of Agri Technology. Ireland is very proud of the Herdwatch team for their achievements so far and confident in its future success at home and abroad.”

Speaking about their hosts at the Irish Embassy briefing Jane Marks, Marketing Manager of Herdwatch said “Herdwatch has been backed by Enterprise Ireland in many ways over the last few years, in particular through its UK office, led by Marina Donohoe and her team, and through its Agri team in Ireland, led by Mick Brougham. The EI UK office assisted us in attending key events in the UK and Ireland, enabling Herdwatch to showcase our innovation and through which we picked up a number of awards giving Herdwatch not only industry validation but a morale boost to the team as well, and the opportunity to demo the time-saving app to hundreds of farmers. We thank them for their support once again.”

Herdwatch was presented with the RABDF Prince Philip Award 2016 by His Royal Highness, Prince Philip, at Buckingham Palace this week. Pictured left to Right: Eoin Moloney, Herdwatch, Jane Marks, Herdwatch and FRS Network, His Royal Highness, Prince Philip, Fabien Peyaud, Herdwatch and James Greevy, Herdwatch.

photo-2-herdwatch-at-irish-embassy-with-amassador Herdwatch at the Irish Embassy with Ambassador

Herdwatch was presented with the RABDF Prince Philip Award 2016 by His Royal Highness at Buckingham Palace this week and were hosted by Enterprise Ireland and The Ambassador at the Irish Embassy. Pictured left to Right: Fabien Peyaud, Herdwatch, Jane Marks, Herdwatch and FRS Network, Ambassador of Ireland to Great Britain, Dan Mulhall, Eoin Moloney, Herdwatch, Marina Donohue, Enterprise Ireland and James Greevy, Herdwatch.

Enterprise Ireland held a brief meeting at the Irish Embassy with Ambassador of Ireland to Great Britain, Ambassador Dan Mulhall to congratulate Herdwatch on the receipt of the Prince Philip Award.

Herdwatch is part of FRS Network.

FRS Network is a co-operative organisation established in 1980 for the provision of skilled people to meet customer requirements. Through growth and diversification FRS have expanded into to five distinct divisions intrinsically linked through the supply of expertly skilled people and innovative services: farm services, fencing, recruitment, training and Herdwatch, with a network of 20 offices nationwide and 20,000 customers.

Herdwatch Awards:

  1. 2016 The RABDF Prince Philip Award at Livestock Event, Birmingham, UK.
  2. 2016 Innovation Merit Certificate at LAMMA Show, Peterborough, UK.
  3. 2016 National Ploughing Championship Silver Medal Award for Agri-technology-Established Company
  4. 2015 Best Innovation in Agri-food at Irish Internet Association (IIA) Awards
  5. 2015 AIB Start-up AcademyAward
  6. 2015 Small Firms Association (SFA) Emerging New Business Award
  7. 2014 National Ploughing Championship Award for Software Innovation in Agriculture

Website: www.herdwatch.ie

Business Showcase : Herdwatch

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