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Airbus assembly floor. Source: Airbus Group
Airbus assembly floor. Source: Airbus Group

In this episode, Andrew Vaziri speaks with Curtis Carson, Head of Research and Technology in Industrial Strategy and Systems at Airbus. They speak about the Airbus Shopfloor Challenge to be held at ICRA 2016, and discuss the need for a new generation of industrial robots for aircraft manufacturing.

More information can be found on the competition website.

Curtis Carson

curtisCarsonCurtis Carson is the Head of Research and Technology in the Industrial Strategy and Systems Centre of Competence at Airbus, a leading aircraft manufacturer headquartered in Toulouse, France. Holder of an engineering degree from Ryerson Polytechnic University in Canada, Curtis has extensive international experience in both the aerospace and automotive industries. Curtis’ current role includes developing new and innovative aircraft production processes through the application of emerging technologies. This role spans a host of technologies in the framework of the future factory, from augmented reality to collaborative robotics to digitalization to name a few examples.


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