Galway-based 9th Impact, who build games for mobile phones, are set to release their newest game to the App Store on July 1st. Robotory is an endless arcade game, exclusively on iOS, which features a group of Robots who are trying to escape their factory as the floodwaters rise.  They must jump through layers of pipes and moving floors while avoiding the drones and electric fences in their way.

4. Water Rising 5. Avoid the Drones 6. Robot Fried by Fence







Inspired by the classic Jumping Jack game which older gamers will remember from the ZX Spectrum and with some Crossy Road influences and an almost Machinarium graphic style, the game features super simple controls and endless free gameplay which makes it perfect for a pick-up-and-play mobile game.

“It takes some vision and skill to time the jumps through the levels correctly, especially as more obstacles and enemies are introduced the higher you get,” says Finn Krewer, Head of Games at 9th Impact.  “Players are competing against their own high score but also can compete for a spot on the leaderboard or share their scores with friends.”

Every few games there is a casino type slot machine which players can spin for the chance to unlock new characters (which they can otherwise purchase) or win golden nuts, which are the game’s currency.  The golden nuts are used to revive the robots when they’ve met their end, so you can keep playing although there is a maximum of 3 revives allowed per game.

“Our small team are big fans of classic games and we’re always thinking of ways to make them better suited to the smartphone conditions,” explains Fabio Stara whose official title at the company is MasterChef.  “We’re obsessive about the small details in games and spend hours philosophising why things would be happening in the context rather than just inserting random stuff which is often the case in endless runners.”

The first game made by the outfit at the Galway Technology Centre, was called NinjaGo Endless Runner and has been played more than three million times in six months. A review that Sheena wrote about this game can be found here .

I got my hands on a pre release of Robotory earlier today and must say that while its a simple premise, it is very addictive! Ah sure, I’ll give it just one more go at beating my highscore and low and behold theres an hour gone. As my version is a pre release the in app purchases, leaderboard and achievements don’t work yet.

upgradeThe game is totally free to download and has been designed so you can play it for free endlessly. There’s always a choice for the player between buying something (and helping keep poor developers in funds for coffee) or getting the same thing for free in a different way:

  • You can win characters through the slot machine, but have the option of buying them if you want them immediately.
  • You can collect ‘nuts’ in the game and win more ‘nuts’ in the slot machine but you can also buy these if you want more.  Nuts are spent to revive your robot when he gets fried (so your score keeps going and you get higher).
  • Every few levels, you can watch a video to get 20 ‘nuts’ free. There is also picture ads now and again in the game.

I really like playing Robotory and can see myself having this game on my iPhone for much longer than many other games that have come and gone 🙂 Be sure to check it out on the App Store on July 1st

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