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Startupbootcamp is a global network of industry focussed accelerators and their latest program “Startupbootcamp IOT / Connected Devices” is an IoT and hardware program. It has been a long time in the making with 2 years of planning, 6 months of recruiting, 425 applications and then an intensive 3 months accelerating the 9 selected startups in London.

At the Oval Space in East London yesterday It was demo day, with each startup taking to the stage to present and pitch to a full house of over 300 people, who were an eclectic mix of Investors, Partners, Journalists and Mentors all keen to see the progress that each startup had made during the past 3 months.

Anyone who has ever presented at a large event such as a Demo Day, knows just how daunting a task it is to get up on stage, with hundreds of people’s eyes all focused on you, for a seasoned pro such as those presenting at an Apple product launch or Google I/O no doubt there may still be nerves but most have significant amounts of media training to assure they keep their composure. However, for startup founding teams the luxury of media training isn’t an option. Yesterday, the standards were extremely high, with each of the 9 startups doing an excellent job of not only keeping their composure but also presenting to a level that I’m sure that many a seasoned pro would be envious of. Speaking after the event to the programs MD Raph Crouan he explained just how hard each team had worked on their presentation skills.

I really like how before the startups presented, they were introduced by their mentors, who acted as a warm-up act, illustrating the progress each team had made and how hard they had worked over the past 3 months. I especially loved Russell Buckley from Kindred Capital and his excellent introduction of Doordeck, he walked onto the stage with a bunch of keys a la DJ Khaled, explaining that because of Doordeck, the days of needing to use physical keys, will soon be over. So perhaps for anyone planning to open a key cutting booth, may need to reevaluate.

Here is an overview of the nine teams showcased work from across a broad range of IoT applications, from the Industrial IoT through to Smart City and EdTech.

ThingTrax is an industrial IOT company enabling manufacturers to reduce downtime and increase operational efficiency by monitoring machines, motors and operators. Cofounded by Imran Shafqat and Aman Gupta. Their connected manufacturing platform uses hardware to gather data from machines around an industrial setting and delivers the data to managers, giving actionable insights before problems occur. ThingTrax will be launching its third paid pilot program this February with a plastics manufacturer in the UK.

Doordeck is a connected buildings IOT company which wants make with access cards and key fobs obsolete, replacing them with your smartphone. The Doordeck platform allows managers to control who has access to individual doors through their app and its device is set to be installed in one of London’s most prestigious office buildings – One Canada Square. Co-founders Michael Barnwell and William Bainborough’s have built an expert team and who are laser focussed on establishing their product in the market over the coming months.

Eskesso co-founded by engineers Pablo and Pedro Nuñez Porras have created their Eskesso to simplify cooking and food preparation with their smartphone app-controlled device that enables remote control of kitchen appliances. Meaning you can cook a meal at home whilst you’re at work and have it ready to eat when you arrive home. The app also provides help with recipes and a marketplace for ordering meals online.

HomyHub is a Smart Home IOT company. The HomyHub device can be installed by anyone in two minutes and lets you control your garage door through your smartphone. Its app and hardware attached to the door enable remote opening and closing, which they believe is perfect for the sharing economy or allowing for deliveries when nobody is home. Anyone who has experienced the pain of being home for an all day delivery slot I am sure will be delighted by the prospect of that. The co founders are Alvaro Roman, Enzo Zamora, Carlos Quijano and Alejandro Nieto.

YodelUP is a connected devices IOT company. Co-founded by Darius and Ramin Sahedjavaher. They have developed an on-glove wearable that allows skiers and snowboarders on the slopes to check their devices and notifications without the need to remove their gloves in the cold. YodelUP also comes with adaptors for use in other activities, such as Motorcycling, Cycling and Water Sports.

CityCrop is a Smart Home IOT company. Co-founders Evriviades Makridis and Christos Raftogiannis, have created a connected vertical indoor garden for growing organic fruit, vegetables, and herbs all year round, aided by a smartphone app for monitoring their growth. They have already had dozens of pre-orders and are currently raising investment to fund their growth.

Trackener is a Healthcare IOT company. Their wearable device for horses tracks a their wellbeing by monitoring its heart rate and general behaviour around the clock. The device provides actionable data for horse owners, trainers, and jockeys. Co-founders Jéremie Charlet and Pauline Issard have a lot planned in the coming months with a pilot test with 100 horses and owners.

Joyride is Smart City IOT company, which is a tracking and analytics solution for bikes. The startup has been awarded a contract from Future Cities Catapult to run an initiative which encourages more families to get into cycling by improving safety for children. This program will begin in February. Co-founders Vince Cifani and Haroon Oqab are planning to launch various other programs and enhance their data analytics platform.

Woogie is an EdTech IOT company, their initial product is a voice-activated robot toy that uses AI and machine learning to interact with a child, producing insights which helps parents to keep track of their child’s development. Co-Founders Andrei Vonescu, Bogdan Coman and Oana Korda will produce 4000 units this year and aim to change how children learn about the world.

MD of the program, Raph Crouan, commented: “In the past three months we have been working alongside nine startups who really are making the future. Each team blends high-quality engineering and technical ability with strong business experience, something which is essential to any startup pushing IoT forward. They’ve worked very hard but this is just the beginning for them. We’re looking forward to supporting them in the coming years and will be working hard in the next few months to help them secure their first round of funding and grow their customer base through successful pilot programmes and corporate partnerships.”

Following the success of this 2016 IOT program, Startupbootcamp has already opened up applications for its 2017 IoT accelerator. If you’re working in the internet of things space and need help to develop your product or platforms into a business.


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