When it comes to the discussion on business operations dealing with gold, you will be absolutely wrong to argue against Puregold. It simply stands out from the other forms of gold cryptocurrency Blockchain.

Basically, Puregold started back in 2010 more into selling the value-added gold as well as silver assets. If you could think that running the physical stores is what Puregold does, then be surprised to learn that it as well manages and runs www.bullioncurrencies.com – an online platform.

Puregold now aims at building an efficient gold commerce platform to run the digital gold payments. This will be definitely a new standard (the payment gateway linked directly to gold) for a flexible and secure asset administration.

Sounds like a win-win situation, right? But how does it work?

Let’s find out!

The whole functioning basically is propelled by two most essential elements referred to us digital tokens. These tokens; Puregold gold (PGG) and Puregold Token (PGT) run on different ledgers.

Puregold Gold (PGG) represents merely the physical gold, and its value is set as per the current price of the physical gold. While Puregold Token (PGT) is specifically used for transactions.

The platform won’t be working alone, but other keys will highly support it, for instance, PG stored Value Cards.

Every consumer having a PG account will get the card which therefore means that they will store PGT and PPG.

PG payment terminals will be made available all to facilitate all merchants so as to accept payments by these PG cards.

An app in every iOS device or Android will be used for these operations to mean they will be functioning like terminals of the transaction.

Furthermore, PG Gold Dispenser Machines will be made available in different locations so that the account holders get convenient access.

The mobile app will have features like payment details, some gold currency exchange, customized loyalty as well as cashback programs, and also a transaction history. More filters will also be available like payment time, currencies, and shopping methods.

Besides, the app provides a safe, quick and uncomplicated means of doing the payment using QR codes. Generally, it means that apart from a safe and straightforward online solution by Puregold, it also promises a way for an offline transaction by using PG stored value cards. 

A Quick Overview of Latest PureGold.io News

Puregold teamed up with Jetcoin Institute (Blockchain-powered sports and entertainment platform) so as they sponsor an EPL match and hence they became first ICO to sponsor an English Premier League game.

It made an announcement afterward of a cross-promotion available on the COSS exchange until 30 March 2018, and for any purchase of PGT, there is a 5% in addition with a 10% bonus in JET (Jetcoin).

In other news Puregold will buy the presale Initial Token Offering (ITO) May Myat Noe-Jetcoin Champion, hence, become the first endorsing May as the brand ambassador.

Puregold in their collaboration to sponsor match (that is followed largely worldwide) is for sure a way of attention for these projects.

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