Puregold.io has set a new landmark to be the first crypto company to sponsor EPL matches in partnership with Jetcoin institute, which is one of the best institutes for sports and entertainment.

Due to the fact that Puregold.io is the first ICO to promote EPL matches and partnering with Jetcoin, which is a blockchain-empowered institute. It is important to know that about 3 EPL matches have been sponsored before by Puregold.io, but the company is set to sponsor three more games with an extended visual audience across the world. 

Another good news from Puregold.io is that it has stated its plans to prolong its Initial Coin Offering from 15TH of March 2018 to 8TH of April 2018 and promote the Jetcoin winner.

The EPL is one of the biggest sporting events, and it is highly watched by billions of people worldwide. This sporting event is also the biggest of all European leagues and has the highest gross earnings of 7 billion euros almost every season. It is necessary also to note that on the average, the number of spectators and television viewers of this tournament is about 14 million and 12 million.

Nevertheless, besides sponsoring EPL matches, Puregold is setting out significant plans for the crypto world. Due to its conjunction with Jetcoin institute champion, May Myat Moe, Puregold is willing to delve into the prior-trade of ITO of the Jetcoin champion. With all these in mind, Puregold emerges as the “number one” cryptocurrency to certify May Myat Moe as its brand representative.

Jetcoin’s champion, May Myat Moe, is a Burmese beauty pageant winner and also an actress. Jetcoin also got universal rights for May for a duration of 5 years which started January 1st, 2018. The institute has set out plans that will be executed after the ITO (Initial Talent Offering), which involves an ample campaign that will increase the profile of its champion.

Moreover, the authorization made for Puregold Token buyers can now be enjoyed; this is due to the fact that Puregold Token ICO will be extended from 15th of March 2018 to 8th of April 2018. The company, Puregold.io, is also willing to offer lots of buyers an extra 10% bonus in Jetcoin Token.

Vital Information on Puregold.io Social Media Challenge

It is also necessary to know that Puregold.io is offering a social media challenge to all its users across the world. In this contest, Puregold.io is willing to offer 5% of the amount of every Puregold Tokens from buyers that are consigned. In addition to this, the user will also benefit with an extra 5% contribution bonus. These and more are installed for every user of the company worldwide. However, for more information on this social media contest and the bonus involved, all you need to do is to click on Puregold.io.

Besides, all Coss Exchange buyers that participate actively to the Puregold ICO are entitled to get a 5% added bonus and benefits on coss.io. You can get more information about this contest by checking coss.io.

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