Pulse is a news aggregator application. It allows you to add RSS feeds from your favourite sites and organise them on multiple pages of your own creation.

The basics of the layout is a list of the feeds you have added with scrollable thumbnail images for each individual article. Once you click on one of the thumbnails the story loads full screen. The thumbnail navigation for the feed you are on minimises to the bottom of the screen and once you have scrolled to the bottom of the article you are reading it conveniently pops back up again.

Pulse allows you to add feeds in a number of different ways. If you use Google Reader already you can login in to it and sync Pulse with it. The App also offers a list of featured or popular sites, a list of categories  which each contain multiple site’s feeds and then a search function which returns results of sites that offer feeds relating to your search term.

Arranging your feeds is made very simple. As I mentioned above you can create multiple pages and arrange your feeds which ever way you like by dragging and dropping them into the order you want or onto another page. Pages can also be renamed.

The familiar pull down to refresh has also been included in recent versions.

Pulse are now also offering an online sync service if you have more than one device that has the app installed. So for example if you have a phone, a tablet and an iPod Touch which all have Pulse installed, you can sync what feeds you have subscribed to and also what content you have already consumed so when you move from device to device you are not seeing the same content again as new articles. It is a very useful feature if you have more than one device.


Have you got this App installed? Let us know what you think of it below.






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