There’s no getting away from it. Android loves to consume data. With ever decreasing data allowances being included in our price plans it’s nice to be able to keep an eye on just how much we are using so you don’t get a nasty surprise at the end of the month!

Before we get going you should read our article here on Android Data usage, which will explain some of the pros and cons of Apps like these.

So to the App itself. The App serves one purpose. To monitor data traffic to and from your phone. Once you are using a mobile network to consume data the App comes to the foreground and sits in the notification bar. If you are connected to a WiFi network the App reverts to the background automatically.

Once you set up the App for the first time you can enter in how much of a data allowance you have per month and on what day it resets. Once you enter the App from then on it will give you an overview of the following details:

  • A bar graph that changes from green to red as you get closer to reaching your limit.
  • A textual description of how much data you have used so far and an estimation of how much you will consume in the month based on your current usage.
  • A chart detailing day, week, month data sent, received and total.
There are several other settings and can be adjusted such as setting a warning to appear at a certain percentage of usage and even turning data off altogether when you hit your limit for the month.
One of the other key settings that can also be changed  is the frequency at which the App updates. Most of the Data monitoring Apps get bad press for two reasons. Firstly is inaccuracy, which I have covered in the Data Usage article I linked to above and the second is that they are a drain on battery life.
The main reason that there is battery drain from Apps like this is because they are set to update too frequently. Some Apps I have seen being set to update every minute when you install them first! Any app that updates every minute will be a battery killer. So to prevent this, set this to something more sensible, maybe a maximum of every hour. If you are afraid you are going to go over your limit at some point during the month, then set it to update more regularly.
Remember, the only way to track data usage 100% accurately is through your Network! These Apps should only ever be used as a guide.






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