The first global blockchain product development conference will be taking place in Seoul, South Korea. On November 20th, Provenance Summit will gather 500+ attendees in the Floating Island Convention Centre.

Blockchain technology has enabled startups and entrepreneurs to raise investment without writing a line of code. Product development is important regardless of what industry it is. As an entrepreneur, the person is responsible for building a business – which means building a product or a service. Provenance Events aims to educate teams about the development cycle of blockchain technology and building a decentralised product. We help teams from startups, enterprises and governments understand the best practices and methodologies when it comes to team collaboration and product development. We are bringing global industry leaders together to learn from the perspectives of the product development cycle – design, development, management, regulation and compliance.

Provenance Summit will gather global blockchain leaders who have experience in building a product with blockchain or implementing. Some of the speakers include:

  • Riccardo Spagni aka Fluffypony, CEO (Monero)
  • Dimitrios Psarrakis, Capital Markets Union & FinTech Policy Advisor (European Parliament)
  • Ameer Rosic, CEO (Blockgeeks)
  • Graham de Barra, CEO (Festy)

Other companies present include Bitmain, Cryptokitties, SingularDTV, PIVX,  Parity, IOHK, PIVX, Consensys, Status, Ethereum Enterprise Alliance to name a few.

Keep up to date on Provenance Events website ( Tickets are now on sale at $299.

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HuiChi Man, Director, Provenance Events

([email protected])


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