• Global School of Entrepreneurship (GSE) offers a new way of entrepreneurial education
  • 75% of teachers are entrepreneurs
  • Students will gain a degree and build a business simultaneously
  • The curriculum has been co-developed by successful startups


Today the Global School for Entrepreneurship (GSE) introduces a new formula for educating future entrepreneurs, as part of their new Bachelor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Headquartered in Amsterdam, but with locations around the world, the university will teach its students the art of business and entrepreneurship, while encouraging them to start and scale their own startup businesses during their studies.

This is the first university of its kind to be built by, and for startups. The curriculum, created by the school’s founders who have more than 30 years’ experience in business and education, has been specifically developed to disrupt the way entrepreneurship is taught.

“Who better to build a school for entrepreneurs, than a team of entrepreneurs?” asks GSE co-founder and serial entrepreneur Hendrik Halbe, “It was time we took matters into our own hands. The Global School for Entrepreneurship is the only university fusing relationships between students and the business world. Our students will build worthwhile connections and experience what it’s really like to be an entrepreneur, far sooner than they would at any other business school. After four years they will leave with a working business, not just an idea.” he continued.

The formula, co-developed by entrepreneurs and academics:

  • Teachers: 75% of teachers are entrepreneurs: Students are taught practically by entrepreneurs who are experts in their field and theoretically by academic coaches who specialise in theory and competency.
  • Location: Teaching in the heart of the startup scene: Global School for Entrepreneurship have partnered with The Student Hotel and Get in the Ring who both have a worldwide network. This means that students are not taught in one school building – they are taught in startup hubs all over the world.
  • Practical examinations: Grades are based on practical application. There are no ‘memory testing’ theoretical exams.

The school emphasises the importance of experience-based learning for success “I’ve met thousands of entrepreneurs through my work with Get in the Ring and every one of them will tell you that you don’t build a business from reading a book about entrepreneurship. You learn by doing, failing, and doing again.” says Halbe.

Students of the school will now start their first term of modules, which includes subjects like Blockchain, Social Entrepreneurship, Crowdfunding and Machine Learning.

They are taught in small groups to enhance learning abilities and motivation. Feedback has been very positive “I’m excited to be part of something so forward-thinking,” said one student

“Education at GSE is completely tailored to my needs, I am taken seriously from day one and get more attention than I did at my previous bachelor”.

The Global School for Entrepreneurship is now open for applications from international students.

For more information visit: www.globalschoolforentrepreneurship.com

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