2014, the year of the Snappening, the year of hundreds of leaked iCloud photos. There were privacy breaches across the board as people’s personal data was leaked online to the public. We discovered that our mobile devices which we thought were so secure can in fact be anything but secure at the best of times.

Well 2015 is the year when one company is going to lead the way and fight back. A new privacy consulting firm called, ‘The Hit Team‘ has launched in Dublin and it aims to help people fight back against intimate or embarrassing photos and videos of your fine self which may find their way online and potentially cause much embarrassment in both your personal and professional life.

Over the past few months we have spoken on Irish Tech News about how you need to take extra care when posting content on social media channels, potential future employers or your current employer may be watching and you don’t want to put yourself in a sticky situation with them. For example, a set of saucy photos from the night before may not be something you want to see on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter especially when you never know who is looking however sometimes things like this are just outside of your own control. So how do you get them removed without the hassle and headache inducing legal complications surrounding content posted on social media? Well this is where The Hit Team comes in.

The Hit Team was set up by lawyer and privacy advocate, Fergal Crehan. The team is also made up of internet researchers, legal professionals and digital media specialists. Their job is to navigate the confusing bureaucracy of file sharing and social media networks and to help clients remove sensitive information and data without fuss or publicity.

Just yesterday I listed 5 social media resolutions to consider making for 2015 and one of them related to cleaning up your social media profile. Whether you like it or not, potential employers are checking out your social media profiles before you turn up to an interview, online identity management and protection has never been more important.

The Hit Team says that;

“While celebrities who have had their photos leaked by hackers and malicious exes are usually portrayed as victims, the women we’ve worked with are not weeping into their virtual hankies. They’re angry and looking to reclaim their privacy and their online reputations.”

The Hit Team is based in Dublin however they act on behalf of clients worldwide. In fact, as they quite rightly mention in their press release, after Silicon Valley – Ireland is technology’s second home. Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Dropbox and many other web and app companies all have their EU headquarters in Ireland.

As a result, these companies are answerable to Irish law and regulated by Irish regulators, Crean says that;

“If you want privacy in the digital world, Ireland is the place to come looking for it.”

The industry is primed for a company like this to enter and help users take back control of their online reputation. The Hit Team seeks to help clients reclaim that control and not allow a leak or a mistake online to shape their future for them.

You can check out their website here. They also have a fantastic blog with some great content too such as “The guide to safe & sexy selfies” which is accompanied by a really cool infographic containing some neat tips on posting a great selfie and not landing yourself in hot water on your social media profiles.

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