Primal Flame is a new game from Irish indie developers Irrelevant Fish. Irrelevant Fish is the collaboration of Niamh Cunningham from Ireland and Pierre Aclément from France who have been working to complete the game for the last 18 months.

The game begins in complete darkness with only the sounds of the forest to be heard. Swiping the screen strikes up a flame at your fingertip that you then use to protect yourself against the attacks of angry vegetation while avoiding falling precipitation.

Reaching level 15 of the current world unlocks the next. Each world has different falling elements; the leaves of the Primal Forest are very visible, fall slowly and have a low impact on the flame. The raindrops of the Rain Storm hang for a second before falling rapidly and have a more significant impact. In the 3rd world snowflakes drift across the screen gently, but as they are very numerous, it is difficult to move the flame around. The reflexes of the flora also increase in difficulty from world to world and you will find yourself fearing the surprise attack from a plant, or checking if that glowing seed is really a friend after all.

Luminous seeds drift past regularly and collecting them reinforces your flame life and allows you to purchases new flames and spells later.

The in game shop allows you to exchange collected light seeds for spells and flames. The shop gives the player access to a variety of different flames. Each flame comes with its own unique strength, with Helio making the world more visible, Rain Dancer more resistant to the elements, Ethereal Flame boosting spell power and so on.

Once acquired, spells are activated during play with a three-finger touch. They can be used once every 30 seconds or so. Deus Ex is most useful for panic situations as it instantly destroys all attacking hands and gathers all available light seeds. Guardian is useful when the rain or snow is getting the better of you while slow motion allows you to dodge enemy attacks with ease.

The game combines two key features. It is visually impressive and it’s addictive. The theory seems simple. Use the match to protect yourself from the attacking plants, avoid the falling elements and collect the light seeds. In reality it gets much more difficult and the increasing cost of power ups in the game’s shop keeps you playing.

More unique worlds will be added in future updates with various threats to overcome in new environments, using the core concept of keeping the flame alive.

The game is available now in the App Store for both iPhone and iPad.


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