First impressions count, especially when you pick a product up for the first time to review it. It’s not too often we’d comment on the presentation of an item priced at €29.99, mainly because little thought has usually gone into it, but in the case of the Maglus Mini, the little details make it stand out.

The stylus is presented in a box with a magnetic flap. Once opened you find the stylus and a bullet shaped keyring that holds a spare tip. You already feel like you’ve a more expensive product in your hands.

The Maglus Mini is designed by Irish duo Noel Hunt and Andy Shaw. Its design and visual appearance are aiming it squarely at the iPad accessory market. The anodised aluminium body makes it fit in with any Apple product and the inclusion of magnets designed to latch the stylus to the area usually reserved for smart covers, leaves you in no doubt of its intentions. Should you be rocking a device other than an iPad, Applydea have included an adhesive backed steel strip in the package contents that you can adhere to your chosen device allowing you to magnetically attach the stylus thereafter.

The stylus itself takes the shape of a small pencil that has just two flats for positioning in your fingers. Each flat has a rubber insert to soften the grip of the aluminium body. While the stylus has some heft compared to plastic based rivals, it is weighted nicely and sits well in the hand.

Straight out of the box I used it with the smartphone in my pocket, which was a Nexus 5 and it was amazingly accurate. The lightest touch swiped between screens and it felt like an extension of your hand rather than the awkward add on many styli feel like.

For some reason an iPad makes you hold a stylus at a more perpendicular angle to the screen to make it work effectively and it was no different here with the Maglus Mini.  Light touches at a shallow angle to the screen were not recognised but touches with either firmer pressure or a deeper angle were picked up with no issues. If you use the correct App, your writing will look nearly exactly as it does with a real pen and paper.

If you are in the market for stylus, the Maglus Mini is an excellent choice. It’s lightweight but constructed out of solid materials. It’s accurate enough to draw or write with and it has the added bonus of keeping the smudges off the screen if you use it to navigate!

You can find out more about the Maglus Mini on this link:


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