Post World Cup Blues? Why Not Indulge In Some Fantasy

The World Cup is nearly over. Very soon we will turn our remote controls over to the safe keeping of our children, where they really belong, and mow that lawn that has somehow grown half a metre without even a drop of rain falling on it in the past three weeks. Our evenings will be spent staring out the window wondering what life might have been like if we had spent our teenage years honing our soccer skills rather than stealing our mother’s cigarettes or darkening our pathetic moustaches to trick the staff at the local off licence into giving us alcoholic drinks of dubious origin.

We will notice our families once again, and sigh.

Thankfully, the therapy we need is at hand. Fantasy football time is just around the corner. Now, you can kill two birds with one stone: indulge in a fantasy football league with your friends (which you were going to do anyway) and maybe make a little bit of money on the side.

Let’s face it, games are more fun if there is something at stake. With Football Stars, Germany’s premier football fantasy platform, rolling out around Europe next season, the opportunity to have fun and compete in competitive mini leagues will become a reality. Football Stars is the product of Strykz, a German sports platform that is launching its ICO this month.

With the Strykz token, players can monetize their games and compete with other participants around the world, and can receive financial rewards for creating content for the platform. Sound too good to be true? Well, Strykz already has the German market in the palm of its hand, having signed a deal with the Bundesliga, and is officially partnered by Kicker magazine. If that’s not enough, former Portugal and Real Madrid attacker Luis Figo is one of its chief backers!

With 3.5 billion football fans worldwide, fantasy football has huge market potential. Combine this with over 1.5 billion global gamers and the figures are staggering. With so many ICO’s lacking real world utility and tumbling like so many Neymar’s, Strykz already has an active user base, and its planned expansion will bring it to the fingertips of sports fans in Europe and, from 2019, Asia. You don’t need VAR to see that this is an opportunity to seize.

And it’s happening now. You can read how to take part in the crowd sale here, follow Strykz on Telegram and pore over the details of the whitepaper.

The token sale ends on the 29th of July and there will be no extra time, but plenty of penalties for those who miss out!

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