Describe the company.

The concept for Cryptassist was born out of the frustration about the time taken to research information and data on the crypto world and to perform simple tasks needed daily to manage even a basic portfolio. Astounded at all the new ICOs, exchanges, explorers and the complexity of navigating through all the sites, logins, 2fa codes and everything else needed, it was realized that we needed to make cryptocurrency easy to use, for everyone, in everyday life.

We thought what if it was possible to get everything needed on one platform, with one login and it could be accessed from a desktop or a mobile device, how much easier would it be and how much time it would free up in our usually busy schedules.

Initially, the idea was to produce a simple platform that did the basic tasks that would allow trading and basic research from frequented websites. As this idea developed we realized that there were many, many more features that could be added and customized to suit individual users as we understood that each person involved in the crypto world had unique needs.

We also want to encourage new people that are intrigued by the world of cryptocurrencies, but really don’t know how or where to start.

From a small team of individuals with an idea, we have assembled a team of industry professionals, each highly skilled within their disciplines to develop the platform and bring the Cryptassist vision to life.

What we are developing with Cryptassist is a platform like none before.

How is Cryptassist Different?

Cryptassist is different because our ICO is not just to raise capital to fund one idea. The Cryptassist platform is a plethora of different ideas, or features, but all crypto related and all designed to make the use of crypto easy for everyone to use on an everyday basis and with one of our apps, CryptoGo, to have fun with tangible rewards. Also, unlike many other ICOs and corporations, we have a strong social responsibility to the community and the environment and Cryptassist have an app that is available free of charge to nonprofit organizations and their donors that allows full transparency of the donation process from beginning to end. Cryptassist is also is also donating 1% of funds raised during the ICO to a nonprofit reforestation organization and a further 1% to an ocean conservation organization.

Why will Cryptassist do well?

Simply because we are different. Different as in the most positive definition of the word. We are going to make the crypto world simple, our concept we believe is unique in offering all the features on one platform. As we say: simplicity is key!

Where is Cryptassist based?

Cryptassist have legal offices located in Selangor, Malaysia and Tallinn, Estonia and a marketing office in Bangkok, Thailand.

When was Cryptassist launched?

It was only a year ago in the third quarter of 2017 that the first concept was created and for the size of the project it has developed very quickly. Now it is arguably the largest crypto related project ever undertaken with an abundance of features and apps on the platform, backed by a large, professional team and technical partners.

What have been your biggest wins to date?

We have been fortunate to have several big features of our platform nearing completion, or already complete. Our DAG algorithm is already running and our fully licensed exchange is ready to operate within the next few weeks. The Cryptassist debit card will also be available soon and linked to our exchange. That link facilitates the conversion of the top 50 cryptocurrencies that we accept to refill the debit card, which can be used anywhere globally that accepts Visa or MasterCard.

Another major win is the Cryptassist Philanthropy Innovation app is now ready to use and we have mentioned before.

Who are you trying to attract to your product?

Everyone. The Cryptassist platform is so diverse we believe that we can fulfill the needs of anyone interested in crypto, or indeed attract people that currently have no or little knowledge of crypto to investigate what we offer and participate in the crypto world.

What tips would you give to others looking to build their business?

To operate on the same principles as other successful businesses. Define the scope of the project and research to establish the need for the project in your proposed market. Undertake further research to see what competition, if any, exists. Formulate a development plan to establish goals and a business model to establish revenue sources, the proposed customer base and financing. Build a team suitable to service the needs of your goals and adhere to time frames and milestones agreed upon with any investors. Be transparent in all business communications and transactions and importantly, allocate resources to a marketing campaign. Many great ideas have failed due to lack of effective marketing.

Tell us about the Cryptassist team.

Our core team has expanded rapidly over the past few months. Once a draft roadmap was formulated we were able to ascertain what team resources were required and set about locating and bringing them onto the team. Our team now consists of a group of talented individuals who are highly experienced and respected in their various disciplines, working cohesively along with our technical partner, Mobiloitte Technologies, who provide web and development support on the Cryptassist web, Android and iOS platforms. Our team is made up of advisors who are the industry leaders, who have been attracted to work alongside us because they understand our vision and want to contribute to the realization of that vision.

What are the Cryptassist plans for the future?

We are now into our ICO and well progressed on the development of our platform. We already have some of the platform complete and within the current quarter our license for the Cryptassist spot exchange will be granted and therefore operational, we will have our debit card available for issue where users can refill their card with the top 50 cryptocurrencies, the  Cryptassist Webshop will be operational and our OTC platform will be launched.

By the end of 2018 we will have both our iOS and Android platforms operational, including the pay-per-alert push notifications and features like Cryptassist Freelancer will be launched.

Early in 2019 we will implement our DAG algorithm followed throughout the year by all the other apps and features that are outlined on our roadmap and continue to refine these to make them more user-friendly and accessible via improved user interface, based on experience and feedback from customer use.

As all this is in progress more features may be added to platform as product planning and development continues and, of course, the continuation of support of the Cryptassist platform.

What are your favourite tech gadgets?

Undoubtedly the Cryptassist fun augmented reality app, CryptoGo, where users can win real crypto and our Multi-Coin Block Explorer that saves crypto enthusiasts so much time and will be the “Google” of block explorers.

Anything else you’d like to add?

We would like to stress that the Cryptassist platform will have something for everyone and will fulfill our philosophy of making crypto easy to use for everyone in everyday use.

How do people get in touch with you?

There are many ways for people to contact us via email or through social media and they are all listed on our website and below:










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