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Last year, PopSLATE brought its first E ink iPhone case to the market which gave users a second screen on the back of their iPhone case. It was a great idea but the reality is that it didn’t really deliver all that well. It fell short in several different areas. 

You had to charge it using a USB instead of charging with the lightning cable, it could only shuffle through eight images at launch, it was a Mophie sized case but was unable to actually charge the phone. Design wise it just looked pretty nasty in comparison to other cases and overall just not worth getting to use as a second screen. This was the original PopSLATE case:


However, PopSLATE is back and has remedied all of these issues above to create a new case which looks nice and fixes the shortcomings of its predecessor. PopSLATE 2 comes with a larger screen, notifications, and a built in battery to actually charge the phone too.

The PopSLATE 2 will have a 4.7 inch display and will use the lightning port to communicate with your iPhone instead of Bluetooth. This means users will be able to simultaneously charge the case and the phone. Here is a little video PopSLATE have created to show off the new case.

PopSLATE says the built in battery will add nine hours talk time and five hours of web browsing to your iPhone which is less than the official Apple battery case but the trade off is you get a pretty sweet E Ink display on the back of your case instead of the nasty Apple bump.

PopSLATE 2 will allow you to switch through five different apps using the new capacitive buttons on the bottom of the screen. The case can also pull in notifications which means your battery life will be conserved on your iPhone as the main screen will remain off and notifications will display on the E Ink display instead.

I was only mildly interested in PopSLATE last year, however the new case is really something that has caught my attention and I love the look of it. You can pre-order on the PopSLATE Indiegogo page today, the early bird price is starting at $69 and the device will retail for $129 and $149 for the iPhone 6/6S and the iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus respectively when it launches, so there is a nice saving to be made should yo go for the early bird.

I personally have my order in and will be sure to update you with a review when the case arrives over the coming weeks.

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