PM Summit, Ireland’s premier conference for project and programme managers, today announces the findings of a new study which reveals that almost two thirds (64%) of project managers with access to remote working said it leads to longer working hours. In fact, 32% report that they work between 5 and 15 extra hours each week – entirely because of remote working, which equates to working a 7-day week for some and a 6-day week for most.

The survey carried out with the assistance of Pan Research, surveyed a representative sample of 331 of Ireland’s 50,000+ project managers. It found that 41% of project managers are expected to respond to emails outside of work hours. For those working in the architecture, engineering and construction sectors, that rises to 48%. Just 25% in the IT sector, meanwhile, say they are expected to respond to emails when off duty.

PM Summit’s research found that responding to out-of-hours emails is impacting project managers’ work/life balance. Almost half (49%) of those surveyed said it has a negative effect on their work/life balance, increasing to 56% for those working in the architecture, engineering and construction sectors.

The proliferation of remote working technologies is also preventing project managers from switching off. Some 79% of those surveyed say round-the-clock access to their colleagues and work projects makes it harder to switch off. This was not surprising as the 2018 survey found that 40% of project managers indicated they suffered from prolonged stress due to work.

Raymond Poole, CEO, PM Summit explains: “The survey reveals some interesting insights on PM’s work patterns as a result of remote working. The ability to solve issues quickly because of increased access to emails and work documents is a major plus for the project, however, it seems that remote working is having a negative effect on project manager’s work/life balance. Not only are they working longer hours, but project managers are finding it more difficult to switch off from work.

This year’s PM Summit takes place on Wednesday, 13th March in Dublin’s Convention Centre. A balanced work/life is something that we all strive for, and is a topic that will be addressed at this year’s conference.”

The PM Summit is taking place at The Convention Centre, Dublin on Wednesday, 13th March. Tickets are available until 12th March and for more information and to register for the event, visit


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