Within the framework of this charity move, the charity project Pixel Charity and Charity Fund Mercy to Children has announced fundraising for Valery Aksinin.

The crypto currency Pixel Charity project, which allows people to help those in need without donating money, began to fulfil its mission before the official launch.

Fund raising for Valery’s treatment has begun, for a boy who until recently grew up to being a healthy child, with high academic potential, cheerful attitude and social skills.

He was and is very loved by his teachers and classmates. Unfortunately, a couple years ago his life drastically changed as he was diagnosed with a tumour of the 4th ventricle of the cerebellum medulloblastoma of the classical type.

In December 2017, MRI images showed a new tumour in another area of the brain (probably, the screening of medulloblastoma).

Treatment is needed—radiotherapy in IIBS (settlement of Dibuna) at a cost of 335 000 rubles ($ 5000).

Those wishing to address their financial assistance to Valeriy can make a donation to the Mercy to Children Charity Fund. (http://mirdetiam.ru/)

Each donated dollar will be repaid ten times in the equivalent of PXLT tokens, which Pixel Charity sells to attract investments to launch the project.

Pixel Charity has successfully completed the pre-ICO stage, collecting in two rounds of tokensale more than $ 1 million

All PXLT holders will participate in the distribution of revenues from transaction fees of the Pixel network.

Pixel Charity develops its own Pixel network, where the funds confirming each released PXL (unit in the Pixel network) will be placed on deposits with public access to the state of the account. All intrest gained from deposits will automatically be transferred to charitable funds, thus anyone can participate in charity without spending their money—simply using Pixel to make payments on a daily basis. Since, all funds from sales of PXL are placed on deposits, each holder of PXL can exchange its tokens to dollars at any time and without losses.

The project team includes a well-known crypto-currency activist, chief editor of CryptoCoinNews, as well as blockchain expert Simon Cocking, whose name is on the top three list of world leaders in the blockchain industry.

To support the implementation of this project, it was joined by Jillian Godsil—opular crypto-defender, journalist of Irish Tech News, Blockleaders, The Irish Independent and The Irish Times

More information about the action can be found on Pixel Charity’s website—pixelcharity.com



Explain about Pixel Charity – how does it work?

  1. Pixel Charity is a PXL stable coin, based on its own independent blockchain platform.
  2. We do not plan to audit the status of bank accounts – the company’s balance will be available in open access with updates in real time.
  3. All funds will be placed on deposits. All interest received from deposits will automatically be transferred to charitable funds.
  4. All in all every PXL owner participates in charity without spending his money.

How is it different?

Pixel Charity is a stable coin. Several stable coins have already been created. However, when creating Pixel, we took into account the drawbacks of the predecessors:

– Open account balance unlike others, in which the last audit was conducted almost a year ago and users can simply lose money.

– There are no restrictions on the number and volume of transactions. A fixed fee of 0.05% is charged for each transaction, which will be reduced when the profits cover the costs of maintaining the network.

– And of course, the social basis – the interest gained from deposits will be automatically transferred to charitable foundations around the world.

Pixel Charity project is a unique charitable project based on the blockchain technology and we completely differerent from other projects. Pixel Charity is developing its own Pixel network, where the funds confirming each released PXL (unit in the Pixel network) will be placed on bank deposits with public access to the account state. All interest gained from the deposits will automatically be transferred to preselected charitable funds.

Why will the ICO do well?

Pixel is certain that the implementation of blockchain in charity will benefit charitable actions, significantly increasing the level of transparency in both donations and the use of money in general, allowing anyone using this tool of payment to drastically increase their socially responsibility without any donations.

Where is Pixel based? 

Pixel Charity is registered in Belize and is headquartered in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

When was the company launched?

 The company was launched in 2017, however, we have been working together for about for 10 years.

Tell us about the team?

There are more than 20 members who work on the development of charity projects, particularly in PXL network. The project’s team of professionals include people from different areas, allowing us to create a reliable and promising product which combines both business and charity. Participants of the project are united not only by interesting, professional conversations, but also by general idea of systematic participation in charity. Some of them are highly experienced in management and development of products and processes, working in banks and insurance companies, some are experienced in IT management and development of large-scale e-commerce platforms in different sectors, some are also experienced in the field of software development conducting commercial and social projects.

How do people get in touch with PIxel?

Website form www.pixelcharity.com,

Email: [email protected],

Telephone: +7 708 762 3767 (Kazakhstan), +1 800 213 0835 (Belize)


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