Over 500 citizens of Ireland, including clinicians, patients, healthcare workers, carers and others from across the Health Service and broader society, all contributed to the publication of the finalised Personas and Scenarios. The Personas and Scenarios will form a key foundation for the National Electronic Health Record programme and the Clinical Strategy programme. A total of 168 Personas and Scenarios have been created and have been held up as best in class by WHO as a method of engagement.

The user-centred design development of the Personas is truly putting the patient at the centre. This type of collaboration encourages a more open and participatory democracy in our health service. eHealth Ireland worked with patients and healthcare professionals to develop Personas and Scenarios that are specific for Ireland to ensure that the procurement of an electronic health record for Ireland will be specifically designed for Irish citizens and healthcare professionals.

Jane Carolan, Interim CIO said:
“While this is a key milestone for the National EHR Programme we will continue to welcome input and participation to ensure that these Personas and Scenarios remain current and complete even further over time. I am personally delighted at the level of clarity conveyed in the Personas and Scenarios and the levels of ambition for our National EHR Programme which we are looking forward to realising in the future.”

IPPOSI a patient-led organisation involved in the creation of the personas, CEO Derick Mitchell said:
“From the patient perspective, these clinically-validated Personas and Scenarios are quite brilliant in making the benefits of Electronic Health Records very real. In IPPOSI, we envisage these as forming the cornerstone of the future engagement and communication processes between Irish clinicians, health service workers & patients which will make a National Electronic Health Record a reality in Ireland.”

This type of digital social innovation, where we work with other stakeholders and organisations, collaborating to build a better health service, is an innovative and welcome way to bolster a creative and inclusive community whose goal is the same, to put the patient at the centre. Building on the ecosystem, foundations and relationships already developed, eHealth Ireland will be leveraging the power of collaborative sensemaking to stay attuned to the ever-changing environment. eHealth Ireland is committed to building on this transparency and collaboration in 2018, through the open data policy and portal which is there to encourage openness and transparency in data. 2018 will also see an expansion of our research-based mindset utilising our strong links with the academic, research and startup community. There is a continuation with collaboration projects with the EU to promote knowledge sharing of best practices. eHealth Ireland is also committed to continuing the great work developed with the personas project to accelerate the digital inclusion agenda by collaborating with citizens and healthcare professionals to increase awareness of the art of the possible with eHealth. As always there will be regular updates on the progression of the digital health agenda.


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Prepared and edited by @EdinaZejnilovic, Journalism Student at DCU.

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