PayPal is challenging lifestyle and travel blogger, Steve Booker, to get from one end of the world to the other completely cash free.

“PayPal Pole2Pole” will see Steve attempt to complete a journey from one tip of the globe to the other, taking in eight countries, three continents and the world’s most southerly city, Ushuaia, all in just two weeks. He will not be carrying a single coin or bank note and will instead pay for everything via PayPal.

Some of the activities planned during the journey include:

-Dog-sledding through the Northern Lights and snow of Svalbard (a group of Norwegian islands in the Arctic Ocean)

-Exploring the depths of Moscow’s underground tunnels and the heights of the “Seven Sisters” (a group of Stalin-era skyscrapers)

-A hunt for hipster street art in Berlin

-An anniversary screening of Back to the Future at the famous Le Grand Rex cinema in Paris

-An extreme mountain biking tour of Barcelona

-A microlight flight along the coast of South Africa

-A helicopter flight over the islands off Ushuaia (on the southern coast of Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego , Argentina and often referred to as the southernmost city of the world)

Steve BookerSteve Booker says: “I’m used to visiting different places and experiencing new things as part of writing my blog but going the length of the planet without any cash on me is a whole new level. I already use PayPal, so when they came to me with the idea and the itinerary for the trip, I jumped at the chance to get involved.”

Rupert Keeley, CEO of PayPal EMEA says:

“People have been dreaming of travelling lightly for many years. Few imagined that it might be possible to travel from pole to pole without cash, but Steve Booker is about to attempt to do just that, with a little help from PayPal and his smartphone.

“This epic cashless journey shows how far PayPal has come. With countless travel companies, retailers and other businesses around the world accepting PayPal, you too can ditch your wallet and use your smartphone, tablet or computer to make your next adventure a reality. We wish Steve every success on his journey and look forward to hearing about his travels from the top to the bottom of the world.”

People can  follow his journey via #Pole2Pole or on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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